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    Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE


    by clydehanson81 ·


    I used Facebook recovery code for my password but I keep getting LS-NONCE. But a friend tried theirs and gets a number. Now I’m getting a slow down message. I’ve never had this issue before.

    Is it just doing that because I used it too much? It just started today the first request said it. I cleared browsers and restarted and tried again and same thing but didn’t know if anyone else has this.

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      Same issue…any resolution?

      by rlong123 ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      Did you ever figure this out? I am having the same problem. And it won’t send to my phone.

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        by swiperv ·

        In reply to Same issue…any resolution?

        I am having the same issue (started today) and wanted to see if your LS-NONCE code issue was resolved yet.

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          by smoovasbird ·

          In reply to LS-NONCE

          This is an utter joke! I swear to God….the absolute worst thing about this is that Facebook are uncontactable! I’m literally beside myself!

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      on-going LS-NONCE problem

      by can’tfindausername ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      Exact same thing just happened to me. I’ve emailed the Facebook security and help desk about 3 times describing this problem – and no response.
      The system sent me the LS-NONCE code (7 letters) along with a message that says I need to enter “the 6 numbers they are sending to my email” several times. Apparently it isn’t just me, which is oddly reassuring. I googled LS-NONCE & found this forum. It started when I accidentally miss-typed my email while logging in. I tried to get in with the correctly typed email and my password – & it would not work so I tried to reset the password…& can only get the phony LS-NONCE reset code which clearly doesn’t work. I’m wondering if this is code for “don’t let this person back on facebook?”

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      Same problem…

      by solipse79 ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      I have the same problem! Anyone who knows what to do? I have reporter the problem several times now för days…. nothing happens. Im from Sweden.

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      Me too! ?‍♀️

      by smoovasbird ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      Omg – this is soooo getting me down! I’ve had this for 2 weeks now – LS-NONCE!
      I went through the same process with another account I have and get a 6-digit code sent straight to my inbox! But for my main account I keep getting thie!
      Does anybody have any idea what is going on?
      Facebook never bother to reply – but it’s a glitch in their system!

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      by dwefargo ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      I’ve been fighting this too. No help from Facebook. Someone else also created an account using my phone number which makes it impossible to do anything. Don’t they check for dup phone numbers when someone creates an account? All they have to do is send an email saying someone is trying to use your phone number.


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        The continuing NONCE -ense….

        by can’tfindausername ·


        Facebook appears to be disengaged from interaction with its users. The password reset code, LS-NONCE is an automated response – possibly used when errors are made when entering passwords or email accounts.
        Apparently no one is monitoring these automated accounts. I assumed that eventually someone would notice & address the problem, but its been nearly 2 weeks & despite sending numerous messages (each worded differently to show that I am not an automated robot myself), no human being from the alleged “facebook security team” responds. The word Nonce actually refers to a one-time code to prevent misuse. Interesting. Perhaps they have so many facebook users they simply do not care.

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      Same issue. Any solution in sight?

      by djfoster3630 ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      It’s such a relief to hear that others are having this issue. It has been several weeks now that I have not had access to my FB account. I REALLY don’t want to start a new account because I use my account for a lot of business stuff.

      I found this website of support request forms ( I filled in two of them but there was no confirmation page nor was there a confirmation email. I have no idea if the forms were received. Regardless, if we all submit a couple forms, perhaps someone at FB will take notice.

      Has anyone made progress with this issue?

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        by swiperv ·

        In reply to Same issue. Any solution in sight?

        I did try some of those forms. I also noticed there was not a confirmation email sent to me, as the form message said there would be.

        I am thinking there *has* to be a way to contact someone. I considered reporting my account as hacked, but it’s not. I don’t want to lose that account. I have many business connections associated with my account. Keep us posted!

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      LS-NONCE problem

      by mylchev ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      My mother just change her cellphone and she don’t remember her password. I tried several times and it still doesn’t work. Everytime I ask for a code, I received an Email and there is no number code, only: LS-NONCE.
      Did someone find what to do?

      • #2422139


        by dwefargo ·

        In reply to LS-NONCE problem

        Absolutely nothing from Facebook. I also cannot create a new account because somebody created an account with my phone number. I’m about ready to kiss Facebook goodbye because it’s obvious they don’t care.

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      LS-NONCE – any resolution

      by swiperv ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      Any resolution to your problem? I am having same issue.

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      One love to one another and good luck

      by m.m.alimusty ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      I’m doing good how was yours and good governance and good luck with that one love to do.

    • #2422123

      LS NONCE – any updates

      by swiperv ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      This LS-NONCE issue fixed for you, Clyde? Been almost 50 days since your post – I hope so! I have had the same issue for about 36 hours and am hoping for a resolution soon.

    • #2422111

      Same problem

      by krisamadhi ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      Going through the same thing, Joined the forum incase anyone figures this out… LS-NONCE ugh

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      Paid FB tech support? Is this for real?

      by djfoster3630 ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      I have been doing some research on methods of communicating with Facebook with very little success. However, I did come across the following email: directfbhelps @ The people who posted it claim that they are effective at getting these sorts of issues resolved.

      I contacted them and here is their reply: “Thank you for contacting Facebook support. please mention your country name. We can resolve your issue. there will be a technician fee to resolve this issue permanently. Technician fee $50 USD ( including 1 year support with facebook & Instagram ). Thanks, Facebook Direct Help Team.”

      $50 is a reasonable amount of money to pay if they can fix this issue (again, I conduct a lot of business through FB)……but it’s an unreasonable amount of money to throw away on a scam.

      They also used the email address: instantfbhelps @

      Has anyone else come across this company? Any thoughts?

      • #2416264

        Following up

        by mjdasilva2001 ·

        In reply to Paid FB tech support? Is this for real?

        Hey, I’m curious what ever happened with this? Was it a scam? I emailed them and now they are asking for $50. Are they legit or a scam?

        • #2416031

          Legit Service

          by shane0001 ·

          In reply to Following up

          this is legitimate service and they actually helped me with my hacked account

      • #2416032


        by shane0001 ·

        In reply to Paid FB tech support? Is this for real?

        Hi I also found this email at google and they helped me with my issue ,it’s paid support , and technicians are very professional with their work

        Hope this will help

    • #2422108

      Finally got it!!

      by smoovasbird ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      Hey guys – finally got in to FB tonight!
      Basically – all I did was input the incorrect password over and over – it again sent a code to my email and *this* time I actually got a 6 digit code which allowed. me to reset.
      It’s been painful and expensive! I hope everyone else on here gets sorted soon. Good luck!

      • #2422107

        Me too

        by swiperv ·

        In reply to Finally got it!!

        This is great that you got it. I saw your message and tried from my laptop and they finally gave me a “you changed your password on this computer x days ago” and an option to enter a new one or request a new one. Slightly different screen than before – but similar. I chose get a new password and was sent a code.

        I will say that I did contact a few people that own or work at some big tech companies — but I don’t know if they did anything. FB has a pretty good lid on things.

      • #2422097

        Me too…..but still no access

        by djfoster3630 ·

        In reply to Finally got it!!

        Like a few others in this forum, I was able to finally get a recovery code with numerical digits instead of “LS-NONCE.” However, even after resetting my password, I am asked to receive a security code on a mobile phone number that I no longer have access to.

        I know there are a couple ways around this, so I “log out” and then search for my account by inputting my email. I find the account and am given the option of logging in via my Google login, an email, or receive code via mobile. When I try either Google login or email, I can change my password…..but then I’m again asked to receive code at outdated mobile number.

        I have “trusted contacts” set up, so I have gone that route as well. After correctly doing this, I get a screen that clearly says “Thanks for proving your identity” but then sends me to the same old screen where I have to receive a code at an outdated mobile phone.

        So ridiculous.

        I’m psyched we were all able to figure out this LS-NONCE issue. I’m hoping the hive mind here can help me with what seems to be another issue. Thanks everyone!

    • #2422106


      by swiperv ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      Another poster said they just got in, and I tried and am in too. I was able to request a new password on my laptop and this time they sent me a real code.

      I knew it was different right away, as the message mentioned “You changed your password on this device x days ago”. It did not say that at all during this whole process.

      I hope it is fixed soon for everyone.

    • #2422095

      Finally Resolved!

      by 1caddy ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      After 3 weeks of receiving the LS-NONCE code after trying to reset my password, I finally realized its an issue with android phones. I then used my daughters iphone to reset my password and it worked! I actually received my 6 digit code and logged into facebook!

      • #2422075

        LS-NONCE: finally resolved!

        by can’tfindausername ·

        In reply to Finally Resolved!

        I counted 6 of us who had struggled with the password code reset, being sent “LS-NONCE”, (7 letters instead of 6 numbers) regardless of what we did or didn’t do. We all appear to have succeeded in finally resetting our passwords. Each person attributed the success to different things…some people think it was the device they switched to; some tried different approaches to FB. You know what? I think that the FB techs finally got around to addressing the system malfunction…which is great. But it is disturbing that it took 3 weeks & lots of whining from lots of people to get any response…I was sending messages to other FB departments complaining about it. Who knows why it took so long to respond. I definitely don’t want to reset my password again – ever!

    • #2415960


      by can’tfindausername ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      Had the same problem for about a month. Noticed several other people voicing the same problem on this site. I sent messages to facebook security several times. Nothing changed – until I started sending a brief description to other facebook departments. Several other people stated that their LS-NONCE problem resolved, also, but they each attributed their resolution to other interventions they had each tried (if you scroll through this thread you will see them); some of which I tried but hadn’t seen a change. Facebook has become very difficult – nearly impossible, in fact, to communicate with. I hope you get a resolution.

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      by keti khavloshvili ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      LS-NONCE is your Messenger code jMNXnpjFPrL what this? can you help me? I blocked Messenger, I want to reset, did I get such a code.

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      by aliasgharbadakhsha ·

      In reply to Facebook recovery code LS-NONCE

      Regarding my Facebook page
      My Facebook account is

      I am an American citizen and my Facebook page has been blocked for over 30 days with no explanation.
      Please unblock my page.
      Thank you

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        Re: 176

        by kees_b ·

        In reply to 176

        Sorry, but nobody here at TechRepublic can unblock your page. All you can do:
        (1) wait 30 days, or
        (2) contact Facebook

        I don’t think your being an American citizen is relevant here,

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