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Facebook sending unauthorised friend request

By nargundkarshekhar ·
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Recently, FB sent a friend request using my account without my knowledge. I tried to complain to FB, but there is no way I could do that. takes you to a forum where many people have already vented their anger at this antic of FB. I talke to friends and practically everybody confirmed that this has happened to them also.
Is there anyway one can stop FB from doing this cheap trick of increasing their networlk? This is invasion of my privacy and is embarassing when friend request is sent to a relatively less known person.
Is there any solution at all , short of discontinuing FB account? Is there anyway one can let FB know of user grievances?

Thanks n Regards
Shekhar Nargundkar

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I am not sure

by purplebonbon098 In reply to Facebook sending unauthor ...

But it seems FB should do something. Does like you might have a virus of sorts

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Have you recently installed any new apps?

It is possible it is not FB doing this but an APP you recently installed that is causing the issue

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You jump in the ocean, you have to swim

by ChironK In reply to Facebook sending unauthor ...

It took me years before I could finally cancel my Facebook account once I realized what they really were, and I never missed them since. Better alone than with millions of "friends" I never met and never will - and probably never would either, should I really get to know them.

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