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Facebook's age discrimination and other problems

By Dr Dij ·
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I tried to sign up for facebook, and put birth year as 1901. (really, this is a selection on their pull down menu).

It will not take 1901 as year. Why do they even have it on the pull down? This seems sloppy and lazy.
It will take 1902.

While I'm not 108 yo, people do live this long. I cared for a 100+ yo during recent stint in a hospital. And overheard an elderly lady tell her friend she was 97+ in a local grocery store, with no apparent disabilities.

I had to get to our garden club forum online and I was not about to give them real info after seeing the horror stories of people who previously were never able to deactivate their profile and the horrid founder who wouldn't let them but finally caved in.

And while I'm at it,
I have searched EVERY MENU and can't find where to LOG OUT!

This seems bizarre to me.
If you check the 'keep me logged in' it seems to.. woops, maybe I just have to change that setting? Can that be done?

Oh well, just my random rant. Trying to find something other than our pending destruction by overspending (unless Greece and the EU beat us to it) to get PO'd at.

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On the Facebook main page, to log out - you go to the top

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Facebook's age discrimina ...

right hand corner and click on the word 'Account' - this opens a sub-men, the last item on the menu is 'Log Out' - you then click on this and you're logged out.

BTW I call the site FARCEBOOK as that's what it really is, a total farce and a pile of BS, and yes I have an account some friends talked me into getting a long time ago - never got anything but BS out of though as everyone else seem to be playing these weird game things that FARCEBOOK is full of.

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Huh. What if

by seanferd In reply to Facebook's age discrimina ...

John Babcock had wanted a Facebook page?

Stupid database date fields.

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Wait for it

by NickNielsen In reply to Facebook's age discrimina ...

Don't try to buy cigarettes or alcohol if you're over 100 years old. I'm not aware of a single point-of-sale system that will accept a birthdate more that 99 years and 364 days old.

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Difference between discrimination and ineptitude.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Facebook's age discrimina ...

If it will take 1902 but not 1901, it doesn't sound like they're discriminating. It sounds more like they're displaying one value in the field but it's outside the field's validation range. Sloppy, but not discriminatory.

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I have to be an annoying little rat

by .Martin. In reply to Difference between discri ...

but: 'If it will take 1902 but not 1902'


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Fixed. Thanks.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I have to be an annoying ...

And you're annoying little rat for other reasons entirely unrelated to this incident.

Now, please excuse me; I have to scatter some poisoned peanuts around the place. Your kind hang out around the baseboards, right?

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