Faded streaks on printout

By soliver1101 ·
I recently purchased a HP Color LaserJet 4500n (used, obviously.) It was shipped with all toners installed, so there was quite a bit of spilled toner in the machine. There were pages included that were printed just before shipping, and they look fine, but now it leaves faded strips along the two long edges of the paper. All colors are faded, so it's probably not the toner.

I've tried cleaning it, with no change. The readout claims that there should be 70% of life remaining in the drum, and the drum looks fine. Any suggestions to correct the problem?

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Toner Catch tray

by pc21geek In reply to Faded streaks on printout

First of all, open the back of the printer, remove the fuser assembly, and slowly pull out the black try thats in there, Its a toner catch tray. It will probably be full of excessive toner. Make sure the fuser is clean, and there is no toner all over the inside.

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Thanks! but could it be the drum?

by soliver1101 In reply to Toner Catch tray

Thanks, I'll try that.

At the same time, when I interrupted the printing process and checked the paper before it got to the fuser, the faded streaks were there already. That makes me think that it is something about the drum that is the problem.

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Laser assembly perhaps

by scotwr In reply to Thanks! but could it be t ...

This may not solve the entire problem, but may solve a bulk of it.
It's not too difficult to clean the laser assembly.
To get to the laser assembly - remove the top cover, remove the shield under the top cover, remove four screws holding laser assembly down, disconnect a couple of wires and pull the laser assembly from the top of the printer. Be very careful with this assembly. Remove the screws and lift off the top of the laser assembly. Leave all the lenses in place and arefully clean them and the edges of the spinning reflector with a soft cloth and /or Q-tip. This solution was found online, and took care of our problem after the typical fuser, drum and cartridge replacement.

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That's it!

by soliver1101 In reply to Laser assembly perhaps

Problem solved. Thanks!!!!

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