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FAIL: Apple iPhone update breaks millions of car stereo interfaces

By robo_dev ·
I thought my iPhone had broken, as my Griffin TuneFlex car cradle would no longer feed music from my iphone to my car stereo.

But no, it seems that Apple has made some change in the IOS 4 upgrade that has broken not only simple interfaces, like my Griffin Tuneflex, but also millions of the iphone interfaces in everything from Honda to Volvo, to BMW, and including Alpine, Pioneer, and just about every aftermarket car stereo.

Apple's response "what problem?"

Good Job Apple! Glad to see you invest your record profits into product testing and QA.

Is it possible to downgrade back to IOS 3.x? No, not according to Apple.

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Old news

by Slayer_ In reply to FAIL: Apple iPhone update ...

This already happened several times in the news and to people in our office.
Its the auto makers for being so stupid to not just use a standard headphone jack for an auxillary, but to instead build proprietary software interfaces.

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Mine uses an Aux, and the OS update broke that!

by robo_dev In reply to Old news

My Griffin cradle is a simple dock-to-minijack convertor...and IT does not work anymore! I would be ultra-steamed if I had bought a $5K factory navigation with ipod interface that got hosed.

The worst part is that there appears to be no safe way to go back to an earlier OS version.

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Now you have to wait out the whole process

by Slayer_ In reply to Mine uses an Aux, and the ...

First Apples denies it, then apple gets attacked and/or sued by manufacturers, apple admits there is no problem but they will fix it anyways or manufacturers will make updates or recalls.

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Way, way off-topic question:

by CharlieSpencer In reply to FAIL: Apple iPhone update ...

When the phone is connected to the stereo (I assume you do this to listen to stored music) and the phone rings, do you have to uncradle / undock / disconnect it to answer?

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Probably but since no one talks on their phones anymore

by Slayer_ In reply to Way, way off-topic questi ...

Text messages can wait.

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if you are asking

by brian In reply to FAIL: Apple iPhone update ...

if you are asking if there is a way, chances are, there is one (i know there is b/c i did it before). I took my 3g iphone from 4.0 os (b/c it ran HORRIBLE) back to the 3.1.3. See this link....;contentBody;3n

Worked like a charm for me :)

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by taylorjamer11 In reply to FAIL: Apple iPhone update ...

I'm having the same problem. I have the factory stereo of my <a href="font">"><font color="black">mercedez benz</font></a> accessories. before the update everything worked great now i keep getting the error messages saying its not compatible and it will interfere with sound or something. then freezes, shuts off or will show its playing but no sound what so ever comes out of the cheapest auto parts. Please fix this asap!! thanks

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