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    Fail to run Muvee Autoproducer 6 (missing dll)


    by fidea_defensor ·

    I downloaded Muvee Autoproducer 6 trial and have installed it. When I tried to run the program it loaded and at 75% it stopped and said ‘Missing required dll. Please reinstall’ and thus returned to desktop and refused to run. Reinstallation did not solve the problem and the error message still appeared. Does anyone know what problem I have? Does anyone know the required dlls for the program to run?

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      muvee autoProducer6 stinks

      by junekoc ·

      In reply to Fail to run Muvee Autoproducer 6 (missing dll)

      I can’t believe that my new hp computer came with this program installed – almost. i can’t open it up because it won’t load more than 55% for me. at least you got to 75%. the HP answer was to do a complete recovery and uninstall vista and start all over again. For a cheap program like muvee which has no support for this problem. did anyone else have this problem? cannot load supporting modules was my error message.

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      Vista fix to run muvee autoProducer6

      by junekoc ·

      In reply to Fail to run Muvee Autoproducer 6 (missing dll)

      You have to turn off administrator in vista. This is blocking muvee6 from running. It probably is blocking other programs from running at it’s best also.
      this fix came from the tech support at
      1) Try turning off User Account Control Category and start running the program

      2) Try to run muvee aP in administrator mode.

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      Update to muvee Reveal X

      by muvee ·

      In reply to Fail to run Muvee Autoproducer 6 (missing dll)

      Hey Guys,

      Just an update to this thread, we have a new product that will work seamlessly with your Vista platform. Its muvee Reveal X, which you can find here :

      muvee Reveal is NOT an “upgrade” from muvee autoProducer. Its a different family altogether. muvee autoProducer is still the highest end product of the autoProducer family of software and we continue to support it. We are not selling it at the moment cos we want to promote muvee Reveal, and of course, we will highly encourage autoProducer users to bring it for a test drive!

      You will see in Reveal loads more styles coming up. And these will be able to do amazing stuff that autoProducer can never do due to the limitations of DES. Both products are designed to co-exist, so you can certainly install and continue to use both products on the same machine.

      Thanks for being muvee users!


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