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Failed Backups

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I have not been able to get a backup on my Dell PowerEdge 2600 for over a month now. They have replaced my Mother Board, Tape Drive and SCSI cable. Still am unable to get a good backup, I have tried Windows Server 2000 and Veritas backupexe and it always fails. I have updated drivers and bios no luck. My backups were going well and nothing new was installed or downloaded at the time of my first failed backup. It seems to get to the end and then just fails. Any Ideas help ???

Thanks EP

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by Mike Mullins In reply to Failed Backups

A few questions.
What are you backing up (files, exchange,etc...)?
What is the error veritas is giving you?
What error entries are in your event logs?

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by Mike Mullins In reply to


It is a common occurrence among veritas to report a failure when backing up pst files. It can be caused by several factors.
1. Open file backup option not selected.
2. PST file corrupt.
3. PST file open and in use by the user during backup.

Your options are to:
a. buy or turn on the open file option in veritas
b. Have the user run the repair pst file wizard to fix corruption
c. Force your users to logoff before your backup kicks off or disconnect your users from the drive where the pst file resides.

I use veritas and see this error frequently (it's always because of #3 and #c fixes the problem). Most often it's a false failure flag that you can check by restoring the file to a different directory and trying to access it.

Good Luck,

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by info In reply to Failed Backups

I am backingup my system drive and file/user files, basically my entire system.

Veritas isn't giving me any errors, just that the job faild.

"Backup completed on 9/8/2003 at 7:58:10 AM.
Backed up 431817 files in 7556 directories.
4 files were in use
Processed 32,646,798,423 bytes in 2 hours, 43 minutes, and 56 seconds.
Throughput rate: 189.9 MB/min

Job ended: Monday, September 08, 2003 at 7:58:10 AM
Job completion status: Failed

Program Files\Artisoft\WinBEEP 32\Server Data\Fountain.pst

It is possible that this file is incomplete and therefore should not be restored.

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