Failed BIOS Update

By lms ·

I am hoping some one can help me as I have spent days trying to Google any help for my problem and apologise for the long post.

I have an old computer with an ECS 945G-M3 motherboard.

I wanted to upgrade the CPU to a Core2 Duo and I purchased a new CPU.

Unfortunately when I inserted the said CPU it was not recognised by the motherboard and the system failed to start, Fans spin but no video. I looked up on the ECS website and found that there was a BIOS update which was needed to recognise the new CPU.

I downloaded the new BIOS and Started to Flash the BIOS in DOS, it started flashing fine and all seemed OK and the computer rebooted.
Unfortunately when the computer rebooted the fans spin and no video.
I decided to see if the new CPU was Faulty so I replaced it with the old CPU which I know was working fine but still only fans spin and blank video.

It seems as if I have a bad BIOS Flash, first time this has happened to me in 10 years

I knew the BIOS was Phoenix-Award so I have been trying to recover the BIOS using the Phoenix Recovery Tool and although I have followed the instructions from the Recovery Tool I cannot get the recovery to work. I am using a Floppy disk and when the Computer boots the Floppy Drive "Clicks" but nothing happens

I think that the correct keys to press when starting the boot are Win B.

I have removed the CMOS Battery as directed by Crisdisk instructions.

Can anyone suggest why the Floppy drive does not work and what are the correct files to have on the Floppy Disk. At the moment I have :-


I have also tried using Phlash.exe and Crisdisk.BAT ( phlash.exe BIOS.WPH/CC/PY/SN/R )
where BIOS.WPH is the Oriuginal BIN File but changed to .WPH

Thanking anyone who replies to this question in advance.


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OK the only answer here is to pull the BIOS Chip and replace it

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Failed BIOS Update

Back in the old days when this was new you could buy new BIOS Chips from several sources but the ones I used to deal with have closed their doors so I can not suggest a place to try.

What you need to do here is to rewrite the BIOS Chip and as the M'Board needs a working BIOS Chip to rewrite it you need to remove the BIOS Chip from the M'Board insert it into a EPROM Writer/Reader and rewrite it that way.

Not sure which type of EPROM Writer you need and where to get one as EPROM's writers are not something I have used for at least 15 years but searching how to write a EPROM Electronically Programmable Read Only Memory would be my starting point or searching Replacement BIOS Chips may be a way to go.


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Thanks for answer.

by lms In reply to OK the only answer here i ...

Hi Col,
Thanks for your reply. I guessed that one of the ways was to reprogram the BIOS chip using an Eprom writer, but I do not know anyone who has one around my area.
I was just trying to see if I could use the Phoenix recovery method on my chip, as an experiment, as it should be possible if I can only get the FDD recognised or even a USB Drive as many people have achieved this if you google it. I am sure it should be possible if I can get an answer as to why it does not boot to floppy.
I know where to buy a new chip for about £5 which I will probably finish up doing.

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