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Failed CCNA - Any tips

By molinyk ·
Hello people!
I attempted the latest CCNA exam ( 804) and got a score of 729. The pass is 849. I am trying to get this certification to put on a resume since I am unemployed and looking.
I heard that if you fill out the survey with no experience in the Cisco training, your exam will be easier.Is there truth to this statement?
Since I am a fairly new grad from school, I did not do much Cisco on the job.So experience I lack.
Does anyone know if the exam the next time you attempt it, is close to the same or completely different subjects?
I guess I really dont know what to make sure I know for the exam.
From my experience of this CCNA, there was alot on routing protocols, subnets,vlsm,cidr, diagnosing from show commands ...
What would you study if you were the one that was lacking experience such as I am.
PLease - any tips!!!
Thanks a bunch.

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by CG IT In reply to Failed CCNA - Any tips

Its all about the basic principles of routing.

heres my recommendation . get the Cisco CCNA 640-801 Textbook, lab companion set and read it cover to cover doing all labs. Get a Cisco router and switch. I used a 2507,2514 and a Catalyst 1900 series switch. get comfortable with setup, configuration, TFTP, switch VLAN setup & config, with IOS 12.X . and know TCP/IP subnetting like the back of your hand. Once you've gone through the testbook, lab companions, worked with IOS and did some hands on VLAN subnetting, go to download the latest CCNA test questions for 640-801 and go through the entire 540 question set twice. Get a feel for your knowledge level based upon your answers to the questions from this testprep material. If you can't answer a question without looking at the answers [or answer incorrectly], study more. when your comfortable that you know the material schedule the CCNA test.

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Couldn't have said it any better

by awfernald In reply to

Don't depend on how much easier/harder the test will be, learn the test material, study, study, study, then go back and take the test.

The best motivation I have found in test taking, is to not look at the test as the means to get a certificate. Take a test as a means of proving what you know and can do.

Also, as you will probably be given a technical interview as part of you job interview, the more technical knowledge you have only serves to reinforce your CCNA status rather than giving the interviewer the feeling that you have the basic knowledge but are still not confident in that knowledge.

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Thanks for your input

by molinyk In reply to

I have 2 routers but need a switch. There was a practical question on the exam about going into one switch and getting parameters from that and based on some of these switch settings, configure the other switch. I think I got that correct.
Its too bad that we cant find out where our mistakes were.

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by uofM In reply to Failed CCNA - Any tips

Sorry to hear you failed... however, it sounds like your reasoning for getting it isn't quite kosher. You pretty much pointed out that you are not even really looking to know the concepts, but simply trying to get this cert to get a job (thus questions about getting an easier version etc..).

You need to figure your reasoning out. Because even if you get this cert... it will not guarantee anything in this day and age. And if you do somehow slip through the interview process and getting a job - your lack of knowledge will be quickly exposed.

Do your self a favor and learn the stuff. In my opinion, if you know the basics of networking (subnetting, masks, RIP, IGRP etc..), you really don't even need the equipmnet - the cmds can be memorized quickly, and the ones that you do need can easily be learned with simulator software such as routersim. From what I remember the troublshooting questions dealt much more with basic network concepts... you may need to know a command to get the information, but the issues typically are not a Cisco specific problem.

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by molinyk In reply to

I just heard that filling out the survey at the beginning implying I am not that experienced , the exam will be at a different level.
Yes, I need to refocus once again.
I just had an interview and about 7 out of 10 questions were specifc Cisco questions. I did not get the job.

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Boson Simulator

by Sherry320 In reply to Failed CCNA - Any tips

You really can't just memorise the commands you need to understand the underlying principals, as former acadmey instructor, my best advise is know your routing, cidr, igrp etc.

If you can't afford to buy equipment as per some of the other suggestions the next best thing is to invest in a good simulator, not as good as the real thing, but it will give you some experience try

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by house In reply to Boson Simulator

It's a good thing that you put Boson in the title, or I would have written the exact same thing. The Boson simulator is by far the best one that I've ever used. It allows you to manage and configure your routers and switches without boundaries. The version that I was using about 2 years ago, did have some issues with VLSM though. Perhaps I will dig up a new version. I've interested in tackling the 4 exam CCNP pretty soon.

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If I remember right...

by Salamander In reply to Boson Simulator

...there was a Cisco router simulator that we used at the academy, in addition to the router stacks. Though you couldn't do anything fancy with the e-sim, I thought that it was pretty good for the drills.

One thing that helped me was to not use abbreviated commands to start...forced my brain to more fully understand the command. But I learn well by rote; your experience may be different. I also forced myself to use the simulator or get on the stack every day. Only then did it begin to sink in.

And I bought the most current books from Cisco Press. I found that they were geared toward explaining a lot of the basics, which was what I needed. I read them cover to cover, answered the practice questions, etc.

Good luck to the original poster on your next attempt!

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I've done everything but wrote the test..

by TomSal In reply to If I remember right...

I have experience (on the job) with cisco switches and some routers too (I'm much more exposed to the switches though), I've taken instructor lead training - passed the tests of that course and got the little CCNA Course Completion certificate, studied the cisco press AND sybex books and used the Boson sim here and there...all I need to do is actually take the test, which will wait until mid - late Jan.

I know I have one weakness, my subnetting in my head is weak and I know that is huge for the test so I'm focusing on that. You take away the subnetting issue though and I've no worries at all.

Anyway I agree Boson is quality.

I also agree with Salamander DO NOT ABBREVIATE THE COMMANDS IN IOS. Spell them out fully, when you get certified THEN you are "allowed" to abbreviate the commands.. lol

Trust me just that little time makes learning so much more efficient.

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by house In reply to I've done everything but ...

If the original poster is interested in reference and study materials, Sybex beats the **** out of Cisco Press. Sybex books in general, are the single best publications regarding certification tracks.

I think that it is important to not abbreviate the commands as well. I've had questions regarding the names of certain commands... do you think I could remember them? Plus, writing the whole thing out everytime promotes a good learning experience.

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