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    failed HD in RAID 5 array


    by aplingtonnic ·

    I can’t seem to find a solid answer to my problem. I had a disk fail in a RAID 5 array. After putting in the new disk, the system refuses to add the disk to the array. I can’t get it to do it manually, and it didn’t do it automatically. The disks are non hot-swappable SCSI drives. The SCSI BIOS does give me the option of making the drive a hot swap. Is there a way I should be adding the drive to the array manually, or should I just make the new drive a hot swap?

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      by aplingtonnic ·

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      There’s a reason

      by churdoo ·

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      Is this hardware RAID or software RAID?

      Is the replacement drive the same type/model as the others? If not, is it the same or larger capacity? If the new drive is smaller than the others, even slightly, it will not be able to join the array.

      Does the RAID controller (or O/S if software RAID) see the new disk at all?

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        yes to most of the above

        by aplingtonnic ·

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        It is identical to the original drive(s). The RAID is hardware on an Adaptec 2120S SCSI card. The controller sees the disk, but I can’t add it to the array.

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          I would …

          by churdoo ·

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          … call adaptec support. Grab the TSID from a little sticker on the RAID card or on the box if you still have it. Last time I called them, albeit it was several years ago, there was no charge for the support and I got to a real engineer.

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