failed hdd password, drive 2 not found: parrallel ata

By boorme ·
Dell optiplex gx280 I have a hdd password put on it,I know the password and I know I'm putting it in correctly, but it keeps telling me it's wrong. After every few attempts I get the message drive 2 not found: parallel atta port 0. I know this is one of my 2 CD-Rom drives, the down side is I am unable to access the bios or the boot setup screens. My question is, is the hhd password preventing me from accessing the setup/bios menu? I'm going to check the voltages on the power supply and replace the ribbon cable tomorrow. I have resented all connections and replaces the motherboard battery. Also if it's not the ribbon cable or power supply what are my options?

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by pdr5407 In reply to failed hdd password, driv ...

You should be able to access the Bios menu without the hdd password. In fact, you can change the hdd or sometimes it's called the user password from within the Bios. A drive that is encrypted with a password is a different process and can't be changed as easily. If you can't get into the Bios than there is a hardware problem like a bad system board, cpu, or ram error.

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by boorme In reply to failed hdd password, driv ...

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