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    Failed Installation

    by thomasnaser4 ·

    Very weird problem. I purchased two cheap laptops of the same make and model, that I installed Windows 10 Pro from the Windows 10 Educational that they came with.
    The first computer had no problems and everything worked as expected.

    However, when I, using the same disk, installed it on the second computer, the microphone, speakers and speaker port were all reported as not being connected.
    Yes, I followed all of MS’s hints, ran Troubleshooter,and followed a number of hints found on the web.

    FWIW and to save on replies, I used the same disk simply so I didn’t have to open the second one and YES I did use the second license.

    I did some checking and found that the serial numbers are only 5 units apart, the BIOS version and motherboards are the same, and I also checked every setting in the BIOS and all choices were identical.

    Device.mgt showed that the drivers were install and reported OK.

    And, again yes, I completely wiped the drive and reinstalled Windows and got the same results. I even trued the second disk, but again got the same results.

    What’s odd is when I installed Arch Linux, it had no problems recognizing the hardware.

    And again, the speakers, microphone and speaker port were all working fine prior to my tampering.

    Any other possibilities, I may have overlooked?

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      Small world.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Failed Installation

      I ran into this long ago. I had to remove the motherboards to compare version of chipsets and found the issue. Not that it helped to fix it immediately but it did explain the cause. I had to RMA the motherboards that had an old version of a bridge chip installed.

      Beyond that I don’t see ANY mention of clearing said BIOS to defaults. Different BIOS settings can result is identical machines not being identical. After that we see a lot of folk installing Windows but skipping the install of drivers. Linux is better than Windows most of the time on drivers. Windows is still stuck in the 90’s.

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      Reply To: Failed Installation

      by jinesh.sethia ·

      In reply to Failed Installation

      Remove connected external hard drives, USB drives, or SD cards from PC.
      Update disk drivers or uninstall/reinstall disk drivers.
      Check if Windows 11 download is complete or genuine.
      Clean up malware or virus from PC.

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