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Failed SATA Drive

By trebor10263 ·
Whilst working on my PC it suddenly started to reboot. It didn't reboot but gets so far then starts to reboot again. I tried to reboot in safe mode but the same happens, always at the same point. so I booted from the Windows CD, when I try and do anything after saying exhamening your system it comes up with a blue screen error saying you have a problem caused by the file "ntfs.sys - Page fault in nonpaged area"
I have installed a new drive and installed a new copy of windows all runs OK but the new drive is an PATA the old one was a SATA so when I connect them both and boot the machine it tries to boot from the SATA drive. Cant see an options in Bios to avoid this, I assume the SATA device has priority. Anyone got any idea how to connect to the SATA drive so as to try to recover some data or why the windows CD wont let me try to reinstall windows back to it? TIA

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by wcp In reply to Failed SATA Drive

It should be in the BIOS.
It might be in the Hard Drive in the BOOT section where the boot order of the Hard Drive can be specified.
Please add a comment to tell us what motherboard model you have.

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by wcp In reply to

The manual (or MB configuration) is indeed confusing to say the least.

There is Hard Disk Boot Priority in Advanced BIOS Feature, where you can set the IDE hard drive as the first boot sequence (and SATA as the second).

If you only see SATA, you may have to set OnChip Serial SATA to Enhanced (instead of Combined) that enables both the IDE 1 & 2 channel. The setting is in OnChip IDE Device in Integrated Peripheral.

Please add a comment if you need more info or help.

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by trebor10263 In reply to Failed SATA Drive

It only appears to let you change between CD, Floppy, Hard Drive etc not differentiating between IDE and SATA.

Motherboard is an ABIT IS7-V

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Failed SATA Drive

Well first things first get a copy of the SATA Drive Testing utility from the HDD Maker and test the drive. It very well could be faulty or maybe even just the SATA Connector that it's currently plugged into could have gone bad. Have you tried another SATA Connector on the M'Board?

If all else fails it's possible to buy a SATA USB drive Caddy and plug it into a USB Port once the computer is booted to recover your data if it's still there.


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