Failed XP Pro installation

By itmisc ·
I tried to install XP Pro using a new full version cd, but failed.
Setup copied all the files okay, but when it restarted, I got a message:
Windows could not start beacause the following file is missing or corrupt.Can repair using setup cd rom.Select "r"at first screen.
The file that's missing or corrupt is Windows\system32\config\system

I ran set up again and choose to repair at one point when I got that option. It ran through file copying again-said it had completed satisfactorily- and would restart- but same error again.

Could I re-install Windows 98 - set up an online connection-do check compatibility for XP-then try to install xp again? Would that work?

I'm a bit anxious that the W98 version will be too out of date, -it will be just as it was without any updates and I won't be able to get any updates for it now? Will I still be able to set up an internet connection with it?

These are probably very basic questions, but I'm on a steep learning curve here I'm afraid.

All and any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Registry corrupt

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Failed XP Pro installatio ...

Looks like the System part of the registry is corrupt.
Boot off the XP CD, select recovery console
and copy SYSTEM file from c:\windows\repair to c:\windows\system32\config. Then reboot.

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Recovery console password

by itmisc In reply to Registry corrupt

Thanks for that, but unfortunately I don't know the Administrator password to use when in recovery console. Have tried a few, but no success.

Is there any way round that?

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Is this an upgrade or fresh install?

by zlitocook In reply to Failed XP Pro installatio ...

You said you did not know the administrators password. When you do an install you have to provide the password to finish the installation.
The XP CD you have did it come with a box or CD case with the OEM key on it? What dose the box or CD case say? Upgrade or just XP professional?
When you boot to the CD it will give you the option to delete partitions, keep existing files, repair ECT. With a new install it is best to delete all partitions, allow XP to create a new one and format in NTFS.
If this is an upgrade did you back up all your files before using the CD?

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Install version

by itmisc In reply to Is this an upgrade or fre ...

There was Windows 98 installed.All the data that was wanted kept was backed up and transferred to another PC. The disk is a new XP Professional one for volume licensing. It's not an OEM or Upgrade version.I wanted to format in FAT32 in case I found some things wouldn't work on NTFS.
The intention was to do a clean install.I chose to install it onto the existing partition, thinking that would just overwrite the Win98 o/s, and be a fresh install.Is that what I've done wrong?

Now when the PC starts it shows as an XP o/s, but it's not completely installed.I haven't got as far as being asked to create a password.The installation never gets as far as the GUI part.

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Right what you should do is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Install version

First wipe the HDD with a utility like Boot & Nuke available from here

Then using a Windows 98 Floppy run FDISK to partition the HDD and then Format the C Partition as a FAT 32 Partition.

Now that you have a clean blank HDD try running the install program again to see if it works correctly. It's possible that something left over from the Win 98 install is causing a software conflict to occur.

It's also possible that there is some hardware that isn't compatible with XP Pro the obvious things where CD Burners but in one case I had a Samsung DVD Reader cause the MBR's to be erased when SP1 was applied to a Volume License Version of XP Pro.


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