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failing hdd that are 6 months old

By black57 ·
after 6 months my wd60 gig hdd started making clicking sounds , after 3 days of this my hard drive faied. what was the cause?

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by wcp In reply to failing hdd that are 6 mo ...

Who knows?
Poor craftsmanship, bad part(s), Power surge, badly shaken, dropped.. and so on.

The thing is it is a mechanical part so it does not last forever. Some last long and some don?t. I have seen a failure on a month-old HD. There may or not be symptoms before a HD fails.

The best practice is to back up your data periodically.

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by csmith In reply to failing hdd that are 6 mo ...

The clicking noise is the drive homing (Going to track 000000), and then trying to find the requested track.
It can also be that it can not find home(000000)
Usually this problem comes from overheating. (Lack of Airflow)
This does not affect the warranty, so since the drive is only six months old, send it back.
You will have to run the manufacturers test to verify the drive is bad, before you send it back.
The test is on the floppy that came with the drive, and if the floppy is lost,it is also on the website.
There is also a rare virus that can cause this symptom, (One in a Hundred) so if that is it, just run the AV software, and if that does not work, "Zero Fill".
This utility is also on the floppy from the manufacturer.
A Note*** Cylinder and track are the same thing, I am just forgetting, and showing my age. (Track is the old term.) Sorry about that.
Regards, Chris

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by wlbowers In reply to failing hdd that are 6 mo ...

Anything that is made can fail, break, die, well you get the idea.

Oh and buy the way everything that dies was working just fine right before it dies.

Western Digital makes thousands of drives a year. No one has a 0% failure rate.

And yes I will say backups are a must.


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by shadowworks_2000 In reply to failing hdd that are 6 mo ...

Western Digital hard drives are natorious for making noises, they are the loudest hard drives I have ever seen, my honist sugestion is try to get your money back then go out and get something like a "Seagate" they are quiet and have better performance. I have 4 Seagates in my computer, and all I hear is the fans.

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