Failure Notice

By rmessier ·
I have an email address I use called that is using email forwarding to my home email address. The users/companies that have been using it for sometime, are now getting this failure notice. "vcheckquota: Message would exceed virtual user's disk quota.
/vdeliver: Execution of vdeliver-predeliver failed"
I have some other domains that I use the email forwarding to going to the exact same home email address.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can correct this issue. I don't like giving out my personal email for every company that I setup their domains for.
Please advise.........Thanks, Rod

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May be a few things

by w2ktechman In reply to Failure Notice

going from the message error, either they are trying to send files larger than the allocated amount, or there is not enough space left for their mailboxes. Basically try this

Make sure that they are downloading mail, or managing it properly. If they leave all of their mail on the server, it will run out of space.

Check the message size limitations for sending/receiving email. If they are trying to send large mail messages, they may need to either zip these files or find other means of sharing them.

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