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    Failure submitting task updates using PSI


    by dmin72 ·

    we’ve developed a C# event handler for Project Server 2007 based on PSI using Visual Studio 2005 (.NET framework 2.0).

    Similarly to CodePlex EPMTSST project we’ve successfully managed timesheet data updating task actuals to PM with a single “Save and Submit” on PWA timesheet page.
    In short our event use impersonation with statusing web service (statusing.asmx) to import timesheet (ImportTimesheet method) and then submitting timesheet changes (SumitStatus method) back to PM for final authorization.

    We experienced a problem after submitting the first timesheet assignment.
    If we recall timesheet and change a single task actual with a value more than 0 hours, PSI submit call work fine. Conversely if we change task actual to 0 hours PSI seems to ignore that, leaving the previous task assignment unchanged.
    This only seems to happen when using PSI submit call to statusing web service.

    Does anyone know any issue about that?

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