Failure to open e-mail attachments from AOL 9.0

By rovoco ·
Client is running Windows XP SP2 on a Gateway 900C desktop. Office 2003 applications include Word, Excel, Powerpoint. These aps have been
updated and load o.k. from the desktop. Using Grisoft's AVG Free with daily updates. System has been cleaned of any viruses, spyware, root kits, etc. using AVG products. Hard drive has been scanned and defragmented. Client is using AOL 9.0 SE (security edition) for e-mail and has stated that e-mail attachments (primarily Word .doc files will not open). Client states the system "locks up" and "just sits there." AOL appears to load fine and work otherwise. Memory modules have been replaced with two 512MB pqi PC2200 modules for 1 GB total. Have not reinstalled AOL 9.0 SE yet. Windows SP2 was an on-line upgrade. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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by tintoman In reply to Failure to open e-mail at ...

I would like to say in a totally uncharacteristic way that AOL software is a pile of crap, although as a support technician I'm sure you know that already.
Where ever possible I encourage my clients to remove it because of the various issues it causes.
There are of course many reasons why email attachments wont open but primarily these are spam filters and malware protection programmes causing it, there is some chance in this scenario that the office documents wont open if they have been created in office 2007 and saved in that format.

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More on Failure to Open AOL E-Mail Attachments

by rovoco In reply to Firstly

TO: tintoman

Thank you for your fast reply. Yes, I agree entirely with you concerning AOL software. I have informed my client that he would be much better off using his broadband internet service for e-mail, but he has two teenage daughters who "would just die!" if they could not use AOL Instant Messaging, so he has been overruled. The client manages to download AOL e-mail attachments on another
desktop PC which has Word 2000 on it with no problems, so while I agree there could be a Word 2007/2003 incompatibility, it does not seem likely. This other PC is using AOL 9.0 also, but not the SE version. All that being said, would you recommend uninstalling AOL 9.0 SE and all other AOL "tools" from the problem PC, cleaning up the registry and then reinstalling AOL 9.0 Standard Version?
Does it make any sense to run a "Repair" of Windows XP-SP2 first, to see whether that will solve the problem before doing anything with AOL 9.0 SE? Anyone else looking at this thread, please jump in if you have some ideas. Thanks to all in advance.

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AOL Instant Messanger aka AIM,

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to More on Failure to Open A ...

.... can be downloaded and installed as a separate program. Having and using AOL itself isn't required, especially if they have broadband service. That's just plain NUTS!


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Thanks for AIM information...it may help a lot.

by rovoco In reply to AOL Instant Messanger aka ...

ThumbsUp2 -

I did not realize that AIM was useable outside of AOL, since I avoid AOL like the bubonic plague. Appreciate the input very much!

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check the firewall

by jdclyde In reply to Failure to open e-mail at ...

I know that Zonealarm can kill attachments.

What happens when they try to download the attachments first, instead of opening them directly from the email?

And as was pointed out, using AIM has nothing to do with using AOL. Anyone can use the IM software, just like the yahoo and MSN messenger.

Get them off the AOL. You will be doing them a favor.

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Client not using Zonealarm. I'll suggest downloading first.

by rovoco In reply to check the firewall

jdclyde -

Thanks for your input. Will pass along the
suggestion that the client download the attachment first, then open it in MS Word.

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