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Five reasons why project management falls apart.

Hello everyone. I found the Gantthead website to be very interesting. As I do every morning I surf a few major sites. I was not really looking forward to my busy schedule. It included a draft of my final project in IT221. I started my day, got my coffee. I switched over to "Tech Republic," and starting viewing a great introduction to project management video. Jason Hiner, is the editor and chief of a powerful new tech site. " popped up almost over night. I'm not sure if anyone has read all the technical information that is emailed to this site by a seasoned group of administrators, and frankly just pure genius. I find it very interesting. This site formulates all aspects of technology through a collaborative blog style forum's engine. I delivers scaled project management into pieces that help deliver answers to many technical questions, and they do it in a clear and concise manner. The video I watched was called, "The Top Five reasons organization fail at "Project Management." Wow, just for me. I gained new insights with this video, and it made me feel a little bit better about conquering this mammoth size task ahead of me. Actually once I formulized my ideas, and painted a little picture in my head, things started to fall right into place. Again shouts out to Mr. Hinder, he know why projects fail, and he's going to tell us.

#1 Failure can come at any time. Project management must tailor to manage cultural changes, and prolonged multiphased repetitive Information Technology resources.ect... da da da da. The bottom line here is keep it simple, add some flare, or eye candy. Have fun. Use your imagination.

#2 Lack of commitment. When things start to look bad make them better. Learn to see ahead of deadlines, '007 - Be on top of your game.' Words like; Ambition, help to relieve stresses from the daily routines at work.

#3 Undocumented Past failures. Misguided future attempts. We must ascertain the principles of "Kung Fu." Kung fu is a dedicated art form. Think of your work as such. Learn to scale your project size. That's a big one too. Do not take on more that you can afford. Spare time. Make things easy and perfect.

#4 Inadequate planning. We must learn through project management to apply personal, ethics, and close relationships with our technical departments. If you do not know how to do something, don't pretend you do, it wastes time, and you would be wasting mine.

#5 Your project managers do not offer correct opinion's, or are un-educated in the current development phase. Do not waste your time here. If you are not getting things done, you need to look at your administration or you project managers. Learn to work with "Upper Management."

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