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Fair enough

By Tony Hopkinson ·
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Obbdall questions lead to intense and useful debate

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Fair enough

Not my downvote. When I do that, I leave no room for doubt who did, anything else would mean I'd be a hypocrite.

Upvoted it back
Neither of us is right or wrong.
I have been told that the interviewer has the boss seat and the candidate needs to conform with their expectation, but that's merely a subjective opinion.

You see, I've got the skills and ability, and the potential employer need to conform with my expectation, if they want them employed on their behalf.

Two lots arrogance cancelling each other out, so what's left. Negotiation, and the prerequisite for that is respect.

We both show some, we'll get it back from anyone who's respect is worth anything.

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Totally agree there

by Ndiaz.fuentes In reply to Obbdall questions lead to ...

The interviewer only has an advantage if the interviewee allows him to have an advantage. An interview should be middle ground. One shouldn't stand for anything else.

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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Obbdall questions lead to ...

You sure you aren't just my mind operating during my downtime?
I always go into an interview like I would a sales presentation. I know more about what I am offering than my customer does, therefore I am in the driver's seat and let people talk when I want them to talk, and provide them with cues as to when that it is.

Then again, I guess that's my job though. If I can lead an employer through an interview, I can lead his customers through a presentation.

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