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Fair use of our country?

By Help Desk Analyst ·
H1B visa holders come to live the American way of life but yet they get everything offered to them for free even free computer technical training for A+ MCSE,CNE. Proof of this is at:

They flood the market and make everything cheap so pretty soon no matter what kind of high tech job you want it does not pay enough unless you just want to live on rice and bread and butter.

And yet when you do get a job in the support arena,
your fellow Americantreats you very badly unless you know more than him then he sucks all teh info from you as much as possible then after he thinks he has learned what he can then he tries to get you fired.

This goes for basically any hi tech support field in the VA DC MD area. The only honorable support desk I have seen was while working at the World Bank back in teh good ole days when the tech dept was in the S building.

And even now when I search for a hi tech job I am workign with idiots or some paper MCSE who never even touched the inside of a computer!!!
I'm 35 and this is my hobby I am great at what I do and yet these people with COMPUTER MASTERS degrees and A+ and MCSE still come to me to ask questions for help and heck!!! I am not even certified!

There is so much sorrow in this field.

I might as well get out of this field.
There is no more honor and the fuzzy feel good feeling that you helped someone fix their computer problem. I am also tired of workign with women that dress forthe IT field like they are turning tricks for the night showing off their ankle tatoos. Knowing very well and good they got their computer training for free using drug money.....
So here I am. No work now for over 8 months I am almost homeless. I have sold everything.
How many can say they are in my position?
So how is your American pride now you hire H1B and not a red blooded American........
Shame on management.


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Poor Guy...

by ghstinshll In reply to Fair use of our country?

As a self-respecting tech in a very stable and well-paid role, I have this to say to you...

You are being lazy and have never challenged yourself to become the technician you have had the potential to be for approximately the last 8-10 years (bywhat you hinted at on experience level). Instead of sitting on help desks, you should have been studying for an A+, an MCP, and eventually, an MCSE! THEN, you SHOULD have been studying to update your MCSE to the Windows NT 4 MCSE, and eventually Win2000!

I've only been in the tech industry for little over 4 years. Yes, I am an old man in this field too (at 25 yrs old), yet I find myself always striving for knowledge, not the fuzzy feeling I lost years ago when I realized that corporate environments are sour. They're highly competitive, and moody. You should know better than to have this attitude.

Keeping in on things is hard enough, keeping on top of them is really tough unless you dedicate yourself to reading. Study for somethingso that you get into those interviews and land those positions. You have had a bad turn in starting in the field when certs didn't matter. I started in the middle of the NT4 buzz, and saw how these key strengths will take you anywhere...

People Skills
Willingness to help in any arena (because those around us aren't resourceful enough to do their own jobs (Half of us in IT are Operations mgrs as well))

These are what make success. Act like a professional and go get the job you deserve, not the type you've been sticking with for so long. If you really want to stick with it, then get the certs to show that you're the master of those arenas. That'll keep you on top, and eventually managing those help desks.

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Red blooded american?

by uofM In reply to Fair use of our country?

Hm... so, you Sioux or Cherokee?

I can't quite understand what your getting after here. First, you're saying you can't find a job because of all the H1B folks working for so much less? Then you're saying your "fellow americans" are stabbing you in the back? Um, I hate to say it, but you need to re-evaluate yourself. I think your just a bit ticked.

If this is truly your hobbie, you really shouldn't be paying so much attention on how much your getting paid... Yea, it definitely hurts when you have to take lesser pay. I too lost my job back late last year (in MD), and was very depressed... However, I regrouped and bounced back (albeit for a lot less than before).

These are what they call challenges. But rather than complaining about them, you need to swallow your pride, and try and bounce back.

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Oh my God!

by pooky In reply to Fair use of our country?

Stop whining you spoilt brat!

These people are employed because they know what they are doing, what they want, and how to go about getting it!

You seem to want to sit on you overfed butt and have everything handed to you because you are "an American" - Well that doesn?t cut the mustard if the guy down the street will do your job, and more, and better, for a third of the money you want does it!

If you are that worried why don?t you go and get certified. Just stop your pathetic whining and get off your butt and do something.

You are very sad indeed.

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Get a life

by Mr_Cellophane In reply to Fair use of our country?

Try looking at this web site
It has all sorts of jobs for people like you with nothing better to do.

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Time for a Change

by TheChas In reply to Fair use of our country?

From the sound of your post, you are very near the point of full burn-out.

You need to revitalize both your attitude and outlook.

I suggest at a minimum that you move to a very different area of the country.

Then, consider a career change.

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