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fake emails

By dsiverson ·
I am getting about 30 fake emails a day from all sorts of sources which have virus ridden attachments. How can I stop these? If I return the email, it does not recognize the email address.

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Email Source faking

by Dave Howe In reply to fake emails

short answer - you can't
Current viruses, worms and trojans usually use "real" email addresses, but not the addresses they were sent from - so you can't isolate an infected machine purely from email address, or block based on "false" email source (and to add insult, it usually picks the "from" address from the same place as the "to" - so given how webs of contacts tend to work, it will tend to come from a "known" email address too.
Just like spam, a good filter will block most of it - most AVs have the ability to act as an inline filter, but in that case you will still get the email (just without the infectious attachment) but until we have source-verification for email (not this year, maybe next if you are lucky) anyone can send any email from any place and have it get there....

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Fake Microsoft Patches

by stationmaster In reply to Email Source faking

These are filling my inbox with up to 10 per day all with virus attachments, and most have different headers, this has been going on for two months now. This junk is only coming on one email service ozemail and mymail ,yahoo and hotmail seem to keep these Email to a low number. I would say that most of my friends and business contacts have given up using email as a result of these sometimes damaging inbox messages carying their virus payloads.

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