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False Alarms

By TechnologyFemale ·
Tags: Smartphones
My phone is showing fake alarms. These alarms do not go off, but when the time is reached a new time comes up. Time is always rounded to the hour. I do not have any alarms on my phone or the "Tasker" app that is causing this for other people.
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false alarm

by sanjeevkalshan9910 In reply to False Alarms

These fake alarms are very irritating, but these are due to you set a continuous additional hour and you forget about it or there can be a bug in the alarm. you can reset the alarm or update the alarm app and there is another option to uninstall it or install a new alarm

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Tried that.

by TechnologyFemale In reply to false alarm

I've reset my app, which is the default clock app on my phone to no avail.

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by ankitsingh213506 In reply to False Alarms

Update your phone. This app is not going well. Try to remove & install 3rd party app.

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