Family memories vs Software?

By TobiF ·
What examples of family memories can you connect with what software?

I'll give you an example:
Trying to do something in MS Office2007 reminds of when my grandmother had visited us for a couple of days.

Everything was still there, in the kitchen, but every single item had moved to another drawer or cupboard. Some things might take a week to find.

So, what's your reflections on this?

(You guessed right: It's weekend in Dubai again. :) )

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Windows 3.1

by robo_dev In reply to Family memories vs Softwa ...

I accidentally left an old IBM PS/2 PC running Windows 3.1 at my parents house in the garage.

My dad hooked it up and was using it, along with a dot matrix printer he found at a yard sale. The darned thing was a 80286.

It was right next to the Dell XP system i got them for christmas that year.

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Instant artitst DOS graphical

by TobiF In reply to Windows 3.1

My father is slowly getting used to the fact that he'll have to discontinue using Instant Artist, a DOS based graphical program to make notes, banners and postcards.

Even if you'd manage to run the program somewhere, the tricky part is to print whatever you create in it...

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by seanferd In reply to Windows 3.1

A lot of folks probably couldn't manage that.

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That was an unexpected type of association.

by seanferd In reply to Family memories vs Softwa ...

I actually didn't even catch the intended connection on first reading, but I see what you mean now! :^0

I was probably already trying to process your title question, and I formed a different sort of association. When I think of family memories and software, I think of crazy support calls (all how-to and malware removal).

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I know what you mean :)

by TobiF In reply to That was an unexpected ty ...

So, I'm in UAE, my parents are in Sweden.

Monday, I got this SMS:
Tried to boost the computer, got some malware. Now the computer is locked. Please help. BTW, leaving for vacation in 15 minutes.

Good thing they have a second computer. So the infected computer rests a couple of days.

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Instant classic.

by seanferd In reply to I know what you mean :)

It is really rather understandable, coming from family.

What is scary is that I've seen open support forum requests like that from the average complete (internet) stranger. Freaking out as they don't receive instant replies.

At this point, I have to mention (again) how incredibly easy it is to support people (my brother's family) once they are forced to use separate limited user accounts. Incredible! I had been promoting the concept for several years, and my brother finally was mad enough to lay down the law.

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The Law

by NexS In reply to Instant classic.

Involves a stone panel with some commandments?
<i>"Thou shalt not steal software"</i>(ie: download illegal, potentially dangerous software.
<i>"Thou shalt not throw hardware on the ground in a fit of rage."
"Thou shalt wear rubber gloves whilst using the computer to keep it free of viral infections."</i>

And so-on...

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by TobiF In reply to The Law

Commandment #3 doesn't fit too well to the commandments further down about ESD protection :)

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Something like that.

by seanferd In reply to The Law

Thou shalt not browse every stupid free game website and download their adware.

Thou shalt not click on the fake antivirus warnings.

And if you do it using your own limited account, you're screwed, but no-one else is. And now we know who screwed up.

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by TobiF In reply to Something like that.

Thou shalt not kill, except for spam emails.

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