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Fan causes System to shutoff abruptly

By peetree ·
I recently purchased a case, Axio 732SL (x5 series), with a 480W power supply. I have the following connected, by way of the pigtails:

Pigtail 1: CD-ROM > CD-RW > Case Light

Pigtail 2: HDD (120gb@7,200rpm) > HDD (4gb@5,400rpm) > Secondary (case mounted) exhaust fan, 12V@1.84A > Access Panel Fan, 12V@1.84A

Pigtail 3: Unused, not usable plug; 6-prong, 6 direction slots.

Pigtail 4: Unused, not usable plug; 4-prong, in a square configuration.

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by TheChas In reply to Fan causes System to shut ...

Could you please add a comment describing your specific problem?

Personally, I would keep the drives on 1 cable branch and the fans and lights on another.

The 6 pin and 4 pin connectors are for specific motherboards that have auxiliary power connections on them.

Depending on your motherboard and other hardware, you might need a larger power supply.

It is also possible that your power supply is:
1. Not a true 480 Watts, but has a "peak" power capacity of 480 Watts.
2. Bad

If the system shuts down when you plug-in one of the fans, that fan may be bad, or have a pinched wire.


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by rawright In reply to Fan causes System to shut ...

I agree with the above that you should have your drives on one pigtail and everything else on another. Beyond that, though, try starting the system with only the drives connected. Don't leave it on like that for long, but let it boot and see what happens; the CPU fan should be adequate for a while. If that looks okay, shut down and add one fan, then repeat the power up. If that works, add the second fan and repeat. At some point it's probably going to fail, and that should isolate for you where the problem lies.

A 480 Watt supply should be more than adequate for this setup, unless the motherboard is sporting a Cray. It sounds to me like there's a shorted fan cable, or one of the fans has a locked rotor - that can draw a huge amount of current and cause the power supply to shut down in just a few seconds.

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by peetree In reply to

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by peetree In reply to Fan causes System to shut ...

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