fans are on Computer won't boot

By wen.breese ·
I have an Emachine T6216 with XP3.It has been working fine,haven't added any new software or hardware.Had it on a while today and shut it down,went back later to reboot and it booted up fine and while it was loading my programs,all of a sudden my monitor went funny,the desktop wasn't pixilated but all wavy sort of. I had to shut it down with the power button.When I tried to start it up again the only thing that came on were the fans.The fan over the cpu seems to be running very fast and loud,there is no beeping but nothing else happens,the monitor says "no signal".I hooked up another monitor to the computer and that didn't work either.I went inside and took the ram out and put it back ,checked all the connections.
Could it be my motherboard is pooched? I hope I have given enough info for an answer.

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Often times on an Emachine

by IC-IT In reply to fans are on Computer won' ...

The power supply will fail to provide all the voltage each lead needs. This usually does take the motherboard with it, but not always.
If you are comfortable troubleshooting it yourself, you can disconnect all the connectors to the DVD/CD, hard drive and other periphials.
Then try to boot and see if you get the initial BIOS splash screen.
If that gives nothing; try a better power supply.
If there is a slot for a video card you can find an old one and see if it will display anything.
Then try a compatable CPU.
Lastley try the original CPU in another motherboard.
Otherwise take it to a reputable shop.

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The Power Supply is a weakness with these machines

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to fans are on Computer won' ...

It's not sufficient relying on fans running as that only tells you that there is 12 V DC available and in no way implies that the 1.3 or 5 V DC Rails are producing any Power and even if they are how much current you have.

As a quick Test here you can unplug the Mains Lead and press the Power On Button on the front of the case to discharge the capacitors. Then plug the mains lead back in and see if it starts now. if it does the Filter Capacitors in the Power Supply have gone off and the PS needs replacing. If it doesn't start you still need to swap out the PS with a Known Good One.

I always recommend Antec PS as they are rated to a constant load so a 350W Antec PS will be equivalent to a 600 W No Name Power Supply which can supply 600 Watts for a short period of time as a Peek Load and then has to drop back to a much lower load to continue running. At their Maximum Drain they are also unstable and do not produce well regulated Power on the different Power Rails.

Unfortunately because the cheap PS used in E Machines do not filter the Mains as well as they should any spikes can get inside the case and damage the electronics in there so that generally means the M'Board and CPU as likely to be fried if you have a AMD CPU and if you have a Intel CPU it's just likely to be the M'Board.


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you should get your pc checked out

by ismail.magued In reply to fans are on Computer won' ...

there are a number of culprits
first of all you need to have your vga checked out make sure it hasnt been damaged.

have your motherboard checked out at the dealer who sold you the computer.

it seems as well your power supply unit is not supplying enough power to your computer.

have your cpu checked on a comparable e machine at the dealer who sold you the machine.

hint high fan speed could mean your cpu has over heated and stopped functioning.

get all of the above checked out
note make sure the dealer and only the dealer looks at your pc.

well do of all of me than get back to me tell me what happened.

ill be checking this post regularly.

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