fans keep running even when the computer is off

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i just replaced my motherboard, the old one got damaged because thermal paste leaked onto the pins. So i replaced the mother board and made sure all the wires and other components are in the correct place. I turned on my computer and it worked fine. I decided to turn my computer off, and this happened. The monitor, keyboard and mouse turn off but the fans keep running and the only way to stop them is to press the power switch on the back side of the computer. What causes the fans to keep running even if the computer is switched off. (Its a desktop btw)

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Try another PSU

by Jacky Howe In reply to fans keep running even wh ...

(Power Supply Unit). I never fit a new board without replacing the PSU. Sometimes on newer boards the fans will run for awhile for extra cooling.

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try replacing your psu

by ismail.magued In reply to fans keep running even wh ...

not all of the motherboards in the market place run on the same power requirements.
You need to try to locate and upgraded psu for this new motherboard of yours based on the complete specifications for your pc.

I am thinking you need to choose from HEC power supplies.

The full specs will guide you in the right direction as to how powerful your psu needs to be.

so email me with your the full rundown of your specifications for your pc.

This way I can assist you further in choosing the right psu for your pc.
Ok well ill be checking this post regularly.

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