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Fans On, Mobo Light Green Nothing works

By klayher ·
I know my computer is not in standby mode nor has it ever had this problem. All fans run as soon as the power supply is switched on motherboard light comes on as it has power. Cd drive lights come on...trays will not open and hard drives will not spin up. I don't think the computer even goes through POST.

My question is, "Is it the motherboard?" I know none of the switches are stuck as I undid both of them and same results, video car out same results.

So I'm down to the powersupply or the mother board?

My guess is the mother board, I just wanted more advice before I ordered a new one.

The only thing I did was unplug it from the wall, and it was turned off when I did that.

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by klayher In reply to Fans On, Mobo Light Green ...

System specs:

A8N-SLi Deluxe mobo
XFX nVidia 7800GT
1GB OCZ Dual Chan ram
Thermaltake PS belive 480w?

Never had problems with any of it.

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by JamHussla In reply to Fans On, Mobo Light Green ...

I would suggest that u test a different power supply in the computer before changing anything. But before u do that (if the power supply is one that has a voltage switch on it) check to see if it is on the correct voltage that u r using (115 or 220V).

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by robo_dev In reply to Fans On, Mobo Light Green ...

well, if you have yanked everything, including memory, and you get no POST beeps, then you're down to the processor, ps, or mobo, obviously.

Physically remove the mobo from the case to make sure no screws fell behind it. Once I had a no-post that happened because the mobo was making contact with the case the wrong way.

If there is a jumper to default the bios, try doing that. Look for bent pins on drive controller connectors and **** the dust off with a can of air.

I would definitely try another PS, as the other poster suggested. Beyond that, another CPU...and after that you can start testing for failed components on the Mobo if you are into electronics.....

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by klayher In reply to Fans On, Mobo Light Green ...

In response to the two suggestions, yes it was always on 115v I always checked that. It has been testest with memory out, video card out, and cpu out and the whole time it does not post.

I'm pretty sure it must be the mobo.

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by thenewpl In reply to Fans On, Mobo Light Green ...

Just reading over your problem and you mentioned you unplugged it from the wall??,,,,were you plugged directly into the wall? Reason I am asking is if you were directly going to the wall and you have recently had a power outage that turned back on, you may have fried your power supply if you are lucky enough that it took the surge. I hate to be the one to say it but in most cases I have seen this problem, it was the motherboard that took the surge. But as previously suggested from other techies, try replacing the power supply. If you don't have a surge protector, I strongly advise you use one and never go directly to the wall.

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by TheChas In reply to Fans On, Mobo Light Green ...

Have you booted up with power connected to the drives but NOT the IDE cable?

If the CD drive does not open with JUST power connected, you likely have a power supply problem.

If the BIOS loads with the drives disconnected, then you may have a bad cable, or bad jumper settings on the drives.

If the drives spin up and work with just power applied, but the BIOS still does not load, then it is likely the motherboard.


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by klayher In reply to Fans On, Mobo Light Green ...

The power supply boots up other comps fine, mobo was removed and insulated with cardboard still same problem.

Video and ram out same problem everything unhooked except cpu fan same problem. It was to be the mother board. Guess it got fried when I unplugged it and now it's not able to control anything?

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by JamHussla In reply to Fans On, Mobo Light Green ...

You cannot take out the memory and the processor to boot the system, you will not et a result. You need to have these in at all times when testing.

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by klayher In reply to Fans On, Mobo Light Green ...

Well considering it does the same thing in every situation and the PS has been takena part, cleaned, and even powers other computers and ram all works on another computer. Pretty sure there is a short in the mobo or it is just fried.

Time to order a new one, that will gimme an answer.

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by spit01 In reply to Fans On, Mobo Light Green ...

Make sure all power cables are pluged correctlly, In my case, I always try to unplug all components except for CPU, then turn my pc on and wait for any BIOS beep codes. if you hear any beep codes then CPU is good. if you know that the CPU is good, try to test the CPU and other components in other computer (make sure they are same pc specs. or compatible) if all this works then the motherboard is your problem, try to look for physical damage, try to test the motherboard with all the components connected (out of your pc case) (make sure your place or table is not conducting electricity) if all this not work then your motherboard is defective.

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