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FAQ for the "new" TR

By Beth Blakely ·
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It's clear we need some documentation for navigating the new TechRepublic design. Jay is working on getting some WIKI space for members to contribute, as he promised <a href="">here</a>, but we can't let you guys do it all.

While we will continue to work on the site to make things so obvious you won't NEED documentation, we'd like to know what kinds of questions you need answered immediately.

What do you find most confusing? What can you NOT find?

Post your questions here and we'll get an FAQ out as soon as possible.

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Kool but, ....

by dawgit In reply to FAQ for the "new" TR

I cought that little piece too. It will be a great tool. But, the but... "things so obvious you won't NEED documentation", One always NEEDS documentation. It's a very important part of IT. And it will save new TRs years of try'n to figure what the rest are talking about. Ok, just a little rant here, but documentation is a good thing, before, durning, AND after.
OK, I'm done.

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Point taken...

by Beth Blakely In reply to Kool but, ....

You shouldn't have to wade through documentation to figure out how a web site works on its most basic level. That's all I meant. I am pro documentation, more than you'll ever know.

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Locating good video...

by josborne In reply to Kool but, ....

With so much new technology comming around finding good training videos is a must.


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These two ideas should be in a FAQ

by jdclyde In reply to FAQ for the "new" TR

If not a direct link to these, at least a re-write to get the basic ideas across. A new member coming along will have a very different experience if they know how to present themselves.

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Great post!

by alameh In reply to These two ideas should be ...

Thank you.

Shouldn't an FAQ section be more obvious? That's just a rhetorical question BTW.

I had to use the search function in forums for FAQ and lucked upon this discussion. This is definitely not a good FAQ section like I'm used to seeing but I can still glean a few good bits from it.

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some FAQs

by Kiltie In reply to FAQ for the "new" TR

1: How do I find a post I made/contributed to/am interested in?

2: How do I navigate around this site?

3: Where is the TR help section (PNF right now)

4: Why are forums limited to 50 items iin "full view"?

5: How can I enhance my posts?

6: How do I find a post in a subject when there is no tag for it?

7: How do I find a particular post I remember seeing, but have forgotten the tags?

8: How do I delete a post I made in error?

9: What is My Workspace, is it the same as webspace?

10: Why are people "popular tags"?

11: Why are irrelevant tags included in some categories? (see Off-Topic for an example)

12: Why are questions being tagged as discussions?

13: Who can I contact for help, with suggestions?

14: Why are certain boring items in "Recommended" week after week, ie who does that and for what reason?

15: How can I get rid of advertisments that are taking up half the screen?

These are just a few off the top of my head, some may not be "frequently" asked, some certainly are.
Let me add, I know the answers to some of these, but not for others, so please don't inundate me with replies, the answers should go in a FAQ, not get buried in a thread someplace.
I was merely trying to think like a newbie, and to express some of my own concerns.

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You should have more info on your pro section

by DanLM In reply to some FAQs

If it wasn't for an answer post, I wouldn't have known what all was there.

So, I think you should make some reference to that also.

Roflmao, don't forget how to do the cool emotions in the FAQ. You know, the smiley faces and stuff. As it is, I was provided a link to how to do them. And I have no idea where or if that link still exists.

You might want to have some information about the newsletters. I have seen more then once, I receive all these spam news letters. Tell them, it's the little check box at the bottom of the profile. Duuuu, uncheck it. Personally, that's one of the reasons I use TR. The newsletters, but some people need pretty pictures and don't know how to read.


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If you had read my post.....

by jdclyde In reply to You should have more info ...

you would see that I posted that link to be submitted for the FAQ.

But then, my post seems to have been ignored...

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by Beth Blakely In reply to If you had read my post.. ...

How do you figure? Oookay. Thank you for your post, jd. ;-)

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what i meant

by jdclyde In reply to Ignored?

was the post was obviously not read by DAN, because he asked for what I already gave.

I was not really refering to the lack of feedback from other certain people around here.....


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