Faronics Deep Freeze remove unknown partitions

By ozkmtnbear ·
I have a client's machine who installed Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise. He created a Deep Freeze Standard install WITHOUT a password and installed. Couldn't get Deep Freeze to boot thawed. Tried to use Ghost to restore the hard drive but Ghost couldn't see the drive with Deep Freeze unknown partitions on it. When he reinstalled Windows XP Pro, XP install showed 3 small "unknown partitions" on the drive that couldn't be deleted and then he reinstalled XP Pro. Now he cannot use Ghost to backup the hard drive to another hard drive. I have a second smaller hard drive with XP Pro to recover using Ghost to the larger hard drive, but Ghost cannot see the drive.

This is a WD caviar PATA hard drive. I tried using WD DLG to write zeros to the drive but it didn't help. Anyone know of a way to restore the drive to the original condition, thereby removing the "unknown partitions" created by Deep Freeze? I tried reinstalling Deep Freeze and the uninstalling Deep Freeze, which didn't work either. Thanks!

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"The" drive

by santeewelding In reply to Faronics Deep Freeze remo ...

What about donating it to a landfill and replacing it?

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Wonderful response

by ozkmtnbear In reply to "The" drive

Now isn't that a great response! My customer would LOVE that and would really recommend my work to other people and I'd just be swamped with more work than I could handle, not to mention my reputation as a knowledgeable tech would be greatly enhanced! In fact, you could use this reply on EVERY thread on this board and do away with the forums altogether! Great help, buddy!

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You did say

by santeewelding In reply to Wonderful response

Did you not, that the drive content has already been trashed (uninstallations, reinstallations, writing zeros)? What is it that you are trying to save? Platters? Or, your reputation?

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Dont be afraid to contact Deepfreeze support

by Chris910 In reply to You did say

Their Support was very good in the past and they likely have tools to handle this.

Contact Info:

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Taken care of

by ozkmtnbear In reply to Dont be afraid to contact ...

Thanks for the help Chris910. I contacted Faronics and tried their suggestions but that didn't work. However, I finally figured out how to get those "unknown partitions" deleted on my own. Amazing how people feel the need to comment and aggravate with no intention of helping.

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