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Fast User Switching in a domain

By badfish ·
I've looked all over, all the information I find says you cannot user Fast User Switching feature on a computer that is part of a domain. Anyone found a workaround or any third-party software that allows you to do this?

(I am currently using the logoff screensaver, but users complain because they lose their work.)

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Fast User Switching in a ...

Nope, it doesn't run in a Domain, does it? I never use Fast User Switching so I never tried. I don't even like the whole new XP Welcome screen (I keep my XP systems on the "classic" Win2K login/password screen, personally).
This blog has a nice description on why Fast User Switching does not work on Domain machines:
But it does say that it looks like Longhorn will support it. But, Longhorn won't be out unti 2005, so that doesn't help much.

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by donnaa2z In reply to Fast User Switching in a ...

Actually, you can use Fast User Switching under XP SP2 while connected to a domain. I'm doing it. When I first tried, I was unable to, as I had not been usint FUS prior to installing SP2. However, circumstances arose where I had to reinstall XP and SP2... so I enabled a second account prior to installing SP2. After installing SP2, I was still able to switch between the accounts. I've even completely deleted the original 2nd account and added another just ot be sure. Works fine. So the theory of being connected to a domain is not correct.

One thing I know that is enabling this is that the Fast User Switching Compatibility service is set to "Started" and "Automatic". Perhaps this makes a difference.

Take Care,

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by PC-Doc In reply to Fast User Switching in a ...

For Fast user switching to function check that Terminal Services is started and Fast User Switching is started. TS is listed as a dependency service for FUS.

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