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Faster web application access

By Corkey007 ·
We have a centralized web application running on a server that is being accessed via the WAN by different users countrywide. Why is it that the connectivity and data access speed is so slow for users that is basically sitting on the server while users that are hundreds of kilometers away connect and access data faster? When you open up a VNC connection to one of the user's machine almost on top of the server, data access capabilities improve and when you disconnect the speed drastically decrease. Why?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Faster web application ac ...

did you want our opinions on unix? linux? windows 2003? which clients? running sql server? oracle? mysql? php? what 'web application' please and what exactly is differences between users. (define: sitting on the server)
how many people in a time worst case?
try again with more details and i would like to hear your opinion on what is happening. and why are you asking? just wanting to understand what is happening? or is performance hit a showstopper?
without more info, i suggest you hang out at in your server's area and search technet docs for how stuff works and mskb in the support section for how stuff breaks.

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by Corkey007 In reply to Faster web application ac ...

The server serves as a SQL 2000 dB server, Report server (Crystal Reports 8.0), running IIS with asp pages and mixed windows (98,XP) clients.

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