FastTrak S150 TX2plus RAID 1 Drive Upgrade

By Fat_Tabby ·

The Promise FastTrak S150 TX2plus card ("FT card") is configured for SATA RAID 1 in a Dell Dimension 8300 with XP Pro SP2. Array was optimal prior to upgrade attempt, and neither drive had errors. Drives to be replaced are 120 gb and will be upgraded to new identical 300 gb drves.


I replaced one 120 gb HD with a 300 gb HD. The array rebuilt itself with no problem. I then replaced the other 120 gb HD with an identical 300 gb HD. Again, the array rebuilt itself with no problems. Problem is, the 300 gb HD is still showing as a 120 gb HD in the array. Partition Magic did not show any unallocated space.

I removed the FT card and booted one of the drives from the motherboard SATA controller and repartitioned to free up the unallocated space. The entire 300 gb HD capacity (less the usual overhead) shows now. I reformatted the other new HD (connected to the secondary SATA motherboad controller), reinstalled the FT card and wired up the drives back to stock.

I cannot boot up now without getting a stop error (forgot to copy down the code). I tried a couple combinations of unhooking/rewiring the HDs and got nowhere. Out of curiosity, I booted into the recovery console after loading the FT driver on the new drive that shows the total capacity. I was able to access C and do a fixmbr command. When I rebooted (with just the good drive), I got the same stop error.

I attempted a reboot with both drives attached and got prompted to enter the FastBuild utility (as I usually did) and activated the rebuild option. Seems the array wants to rebuild down to a 120gb size, and not use the entire drive capacity.

All I want to do is upgrade the hard drives to the 300 gb sizes and retain the data from the old 120 gb drives. How do I go about doing so? The FT card documentation does not elaborate on drive capacity upgrades and Promise tech support has not responded.

Thanks in advance for whatever help you may provide.


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Got it Working!

by Fat_Tabby In reply to FastTrak S150 TX2plus RAI ...

Finally got the new drives imaged and operating properly.

Problem was the Dell factory image has a diagnostic partition that is partition(1) in boot.ini. When I ghosted the image to the new HD, the boot.ini partition information needed editing from partition(2) to partition (1) since I didn't recreate the diagnostic partition on the new drives. I used a DOS-based boot.ini editor to accomplish this.

Reimaging was done with the NG boot CD from an external USB drive.

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