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Fat file system recovery

By msrinu76 ·
Hi I have pen drive capacity of 4 GB. we are stored data in Pen drive in one system and we arew trying to download the data in another system.

while transfer the data power down is happen. after some the is came. again i am trying to down load the data from pen drive but i couldn't because the data is in FOUND.000 folder and the file types are FileXXXXX.CHK.

could you please help us how to restore the data.

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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Fat file system recovery

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, it is not likely to get the attention it deserves in the Discussion forum. Please re-post to the Questions forum by selecting the "Ask a Question" button. You may copy and paste your content to there.

Many do not read the Discussions forum and taking this step helps to insure that your Question gets the attention it deserves.
Unfortunately, there is currently no way to delete the original post in the Discussions forum. That is understood by all. However, if you want, you can put a link in it to the new posting in the Questions Forum.

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Good Luck!

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This is what happened

by NickNielsen In reply to Fat file system recovery

When you lost power during the copy, the directory structure on the pen drive was corrupted. The FOUND directory and the .CHK files are the results of the automated file recovery the next time the drive was powered up. Your data is most likely still there, you just need to find it.

Use a binary viewer such as this one (http://www.proxoft.com/BinaryViewer.asp) to view the file contents. You will be able to browse the document to determine the contents and rename it as appropriate. For example, an Adobe Acrobat document will have PDF in the first few bytes. A GIF image will have GIFF in the first few bytes, and so on. Letters and other documents will have the content visible later in the file.

NOTE: Files sizes may not be accurate. Larger files may be split between several bound files. You will most likely have to cut and paste data between applications and possibly re-enter datab into any databases.

Good luck.

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Data Recovery

by ali40961 In reply to Fat file system recovery


FREE utility I am currently using on a failed hard drive. WORKS GREAT if windoze can see the drive, but can't access. BEST OF ALL it is FREE and WORKS GREAT! Recovers DELETED data also! EASY to use!

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Computer Data Recovery Software

by articles In reply to Fat file system recovery


Neil might be right but the other case could be that the files have become corrupt as the power went off.

To recover data from pen drive you can try these links: Pen Drive Data Recovery Software
http://www.nucleustechnologies.com/Pen-Drive-Data-Recovery.html and
Computer Data Recovery http://www.computerdatarecovery.in

These data recovery software will scan the drive and retrive the inaccessible or corrupt files from the pen drive.

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windows data recovery

by webmaster3 In reply to Fat file system recovery

You can use windows recovery software

I suggest you can visit http://www.kerneldatarecovery.com/windows-data-recovery.html and download demo version.

Demo version is free

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