Fatal Blue Screen Error code

By 1674 ·
I get a error code when starting my laptop. Error code is
Stop: OXoooooo8e (oxoooooo5, oxBA3B2B50, oxB44FEBA8, oxooooooo)
PCD5 SRVC.PKms address BA3B2B50
Base at BA3B000, Date Stamp 46a53580.

When I look at the technical info that is going to be sent, This is the error signature

BCP1: C0000005
BCP2: BA42AB50
BCP3: B42F4BA8
BCP4: 0000000
OSVER: 5_1_2600
SP: 2_0

Now so far as I Can tell this might be a error code for Nortons Internet security and/or my intel proset wireless card. This is the last program I have updated and/or loaded. I say this because there are times that my intel proset wireless net work card has problems appling the network profile for my wireless network. The last problem didn't start until nortons was installed. I have updated, video drivers,intel proset drivers and updated to the latest bios for my mother board

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Dell Support Center

by willcomp In reply to Fatal Blue Screen Error c ...

Dell Support is the culprit. Apparently a lot of it going around. Just fixed a Dell notebook with the same error.

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Blue screen

by 1674 In reply to Dell Support Center

That's funny I never said I had a Dell, How did you know

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I'm Clairvoyant :-)

by willcomp In reply to Blue screen

The faulting module (PCD5SRVC.pkms) is a driver from PC Doctor which is incorporated into Dell Support.

Simply uninstall Dell Support to fix the problem.

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So far so good

by 1674 In reply to I'm Clairvoyant :-)

I went to uninstall Dell support center and found 3 entries for support center, possible cause of the error code. I uninstalled all 3 just to be sure.

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