Fatal Error when trying to install windows

By yoshi.andersen ·
I keep getting a fatal error when trying to install windows on my computer. I have a Compaq Presario 7000 That was running WindowsME and it became corupt so I decided I would install windows Xp. Well while Im installing software'drivers it keeps popin up windows of my hardware like my IDE ports and modem or Network card as not being logoed by microsoft and erging me to not continue with the install. I click mthrough those windows and then the error pops up. Any Ideas on what I can do???

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XP ontop of ME?

by Peter Recz In reply to Fatal Error when trying t ...

How are you doing the install of Windows XP? It sounds like you are trying to install XP ontop of the ME and the popups are for drivers that may not be supported under XP.

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Its a new operating software/deleted me.

by yoshi.andersen In reply to XP ontop of ME?

I actually went in and deleted the partion and reformated the hard drive. ME is no longer on the PC.

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Before installing XP, you could/should clean up ME

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Fatal Error when trying t ...

I am assuming you are using an anti-virus program coupled with a firewall. If ME has somehow became corrupted, you could try running restore and restore your system to an earlier restore point. You might also want to consider running Spybot S&amp and/or AdAware.

If that by any chance works, which I doubt, run defrag; afterwhich you should then back up all your files. Once that has been done you have two choices:
1: Try to Upgrade ME to XP. This isn't your best option and may leave you with as many problems as it solves but it is quick, especially when compared with the better solution.

2: The better solution. Reformat the HD and then do a Clean Install of XP.
When that's done reinstall your software and files. When that's finished run defrag. Once again make sure you have an anti-virus program as well as a firewall in place.

Good luck,

Dawg ]:)

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already reformaed HD

by yoshi.andersen In reply to Before installing XP, you ...

Thats the problem. I have deleted the partition that had windows ME and reformated the HD several times. But I still get the ERROR when trying to install the new operating system. It always happens now after I put in the serial key# for windows XP. I am stuck...Please anyone out there...HELP!!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Microsnot Windoze

by sleepin'dawg In reply to already reformaed HD

You have to contact Microsoft for some help but be prepared for a bit of a run around. Once you prove to them that you are using a real copy of XP they should be able to help but don't hold your breath, this is going to take time and will require tons of patience on your end. MS is not renowned for being the most responsive of organizations but if you keep hammering at them, they eventually come through. Good luck, you're going to need all you can get.

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ihave the same proble

by salinas_abdul In reply to Fatal Error when trying t ...

maybe my hardisk is not working? so product catalog dooesnt install pls help me

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by animatech In reply to Fatal Error when trying t ...

Is your windows copy is a legal copy ?

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