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    Fatal Exception


    by usedman ·

    We are on Windows NT and our Service Warranty Administrator signs on and gets “A fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028-C00068F8 in VxD VMM<01> +
    he can hit any key and continue, but makes his work very slow at times.
    Any suggestions?

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      by stroke311 ·

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      It is usually caused by defective memory, mix-matched speeds or manufacturers of paired memory, or using 12 or 10ns SDRAM with the bus speed set at 100Mhz. I have seen the same message on faster buss speeds. Check memory modules for going bad. Reseat your memory and swap modules into different into different slots. May need to replace the memory. Hopes this helps; Frank

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      We need more. when you say you are on NT, does that mean the workstation of your Service Warranty Admin is NT? or is it perhaps Windows 95? if NT, check the event log for more clues, then try reinstalling service pack 6a. if win9x, try reinstalling the latest service pack…see if the service warranty admin can login at any other workstations, maybe you can narrow it down to problem with his computer only (instead of his account)

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