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fatal exception

By adc ·
the pc is running on win98
when booting : a fatal exception od has occured at 0098:c1484d48 in vxd ---- this was called from:0028.c14be


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by valis In reply to fatal exception

vxd usually means something to do with your video system, i'd try booting into safe mode, and reinstalling the most current version driver for your video card.

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by rkuhn In reply to fatal exception

Not really sure where that advice about the video came from, but oh well.

.Vxd's are virtual device drivers.

They are primarily used on boot up hence your problem.

I'd try uninstalling or disabling each device (in safe mode if necessary) on your PC (one at a time) and rebooting after each one to help isolate which device it is.

Otherwise, you can always resort to the quick and easy "reinstall" of Windows...not reformat and install, just the once over, fixer upper.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to fatal exception

The previous answer suggested reinstalling win98 - BE CAREFUL. JUst running the setup will reinstall win98 BUT it will also clear your registry and all your programs will also need to be reinstalled. To reinstall without rewriting the registry first find and rename the file (in the windows folder, usually C:\WINDOWS\
then instal to the original directory, when asked, ie not windows.001 or something.
If you can boot up in safe mode try running sfc (system file checker) this can be used to replace any suspect files with OK ones from your CD. A tedious process as any suspect files have to br acknowledged manually. You will also find that you will get messages that the file you have chosen to replace another is older thanthat installed.I usually accept the older file on the premise that its older from when it was written compared to when it was originally installed (created) on my PC.
Good luck

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