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Faulty MS Help Desk Support

By bandjcs ·
How does one recover from faulty tech advise from MS help desk?


1. PC with preloaded OEM Windows XP Pro
2. After 3 hrs on phone, MS Help Desk advised to format HD and clean install W/XP.
3. Now that HD is formatted, cannot install XP due to OEM Recover version.

What can one do about this and license key?

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by Breydel In reply to Faulty MS Help Desk Suppo ...

This entirely depends on the type of recovery CD used.
Some vendors allow XP to be reinstalled from their CD (CD boot has to be active in BIOS)

Alternatively, some vendors place their installation sets on a hidden partition on the HD.
If all you did is format the C: drive, then the partition should still exist - if you performed an FDISK, removing all partitions, then go to the final option...

If the options above do not work for you, then
I would suggest you borrow an XP installation CD from a friend or neighbour and install from this CD.
When asked for the product key, this should be on the sticker on your PC.

As a final resort, you could contact your PC vendor and ask their advice - they might be able to provide you with another installation set (probably at a cost...)

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by bandjcs In reply to

Exactly my point! Too many variables.
1. MS website states if OEM is in the PID, then call your PC manufacturer.
2. MS Help Desk should NOT have provided technical guidance due to the different methods of OEM providing OS software.
3. My client followed MS Help Desk advise and formatted HD resulting in error messages(missing files, system lock up, etc).
4. Again, too many variables. However, the support provided was faulty due to the variables of how OEM software is provided.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Faulty MS Help Desk Suppo ...

The above is correct but just a word of warning. If you borrow a OEM copy of XP you need to get the same version that originally came with the computer like XP Pro. XP Pro SP1 or whatever. Also because you have a brand name PC when you come to activate the Product again you'll run into some troubles as the Product Key on the COA while it will allow you to install XP Pro will spit up a incorrect Product Code for Activation and you'll have a bit of explaining to do to get around the problem.

Your best alternative is to play dumb and just say this is how I was told by MS Support to fix a problem and now that the computer is reloaded I need to activate the copy of XP. The support line should have given you a reference number use that if you've still got a copy as it will save you a lot of time and grief.


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by bandjcs In reply to

We have the MS reference #.
Will be used to either request "FREE" retail version, contact OEM of PC, and/or future confrontations with MS.

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by bandjcs In reply to Faulty MS Help Desk Suppo ...

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