faulty panasonic 1gig sd memory card

By yellow911 ·
i have approx. 670 j.peg's of my last o/s trip, with plans/ actual pix of a resort my company is building. these, obviously, cannot be replaced. when attempting to upload these from a card reader, i get a message 'faulty i/o device'. the camera, a panasonic lumix fz20, gives the error message 'memory card error-format this card?-yes/no'. i have not formatted the card. is there any way way of recovering this data? any reliable advise will meet with heartfelt gratitude. thank you.

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The best option here because of the stored images

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to faulty panasonic 1gig sd ...

Would be to send the complete camera to a data recovery house that can recover Data from the RAM Cards used in Digital Cameras. Next time before you leave the site download all pictures to your NB and make sure that you back them up from there as well.

Now for the not so good news the Memory Card may now be toast as with you travel by air anywhere all your luggage goes through an X Ray machine and this plays havoc with electronic equipment particularly CMOS Circuity so it's quite possible that going there you had the camera damaged so unless you physically checked the photos that you took you can not actually be sure that the camera actually took any pictures, but even if it did take the pictures on the return trip the hardware could have been damaged and caused the Memory Card to go BAD.

If the camera actually took the pictures they should be possible to recover but for future reference always remember to connect the camera directly to the computer and NEVER Rely on Card Readers as many times they do much more damage than they do good. Connecting through the camera will at least give you some protection for faulty computer hardware.

You'll need to ring the different Data Recovery Houses in your area and ask can they recover Memory Card Data then chose one that can is relatively close by and who quotes a reasonable price and hopefully no fee to diagnose the problem as if the Memory Card is destroyed you don't want to be in a position of needing to shell out several hundred $ that would have been taken off the cost of recovery of the pictures.


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thank you hal

by yellow911 In reply to The best option here beca ...

Thanks for your reply to my problem, hal. Just for interest sake, the pix were all extant at the time of leaving to return to Aust., so perhaps you are correct in assuming that the security systems in place at international airports was/were the cause of the data loss. thanks, also, for the tip about card readers.I have always uploaded pix 'thru my Cannon MP760 printer/scanner, with good results, in the past, but will from now on take your advice re loading directly from camera.Once again, thank you for your advice. Kindest regards, Steve

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Steve since you are in Brissy

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to thank you hal

On Track at West End can recover the pictures if the Memory card is still working.

Peer Mail me if you want any information about them and I've got a couple of Free Quote Forms here if you would like one. As I'm also in Brissy.


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more thanks to hal9000

by yellow911 In reply to Steve since you are in Br ...

thank you for the follow-up, hal....unfortunately, after having the card examined by some-one in whom i have confidence, working within the cgi community, the general consensus is that the card is "fried", to coin their phrase. once again, thank you for your interest in my problem. steve

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