Faulty SD card - What Software

By nick ·
I have a faulty SD card taken from a Sony phone which has loads of pictures on it. The phone no longer sees it and neither does the computer when I plug it via the phone or a USB card reader. I have tried various trial software to read card but to no avail. Can anyone recommend a course of action or some software that is likely to work. The problem at the moment is that the card does not appear as a logical drive and hence the software can not interogate it. Any advice appreciated.

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Try this software..


I have something similar but it is from SanDisk.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Reponse To Answer

by xunting2011 In reply to Try this software..

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Not free but I have had some success with...

by faradhi In reply to Faulty SD card - What Sof ...


I used it to recover a usb drive that was prompting for a format.

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Faulty SD card - What Software

by nick In reply to Not free but I have had s ...

Thanks for the help both of you. I tried both versions of the software and neigther will see my card when it is in a card reader. It seems that I have a real fundamental problem.

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Is your card reader usb powered?

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RE:Faulty SD card - What Software

by robertbjohn In reply to Faulty SD card - What Sof ...

hi nick, you can try this software to recover lost photos from card.


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zombie alert (nt)

by PurpleSkys In reply to RE:Faulty SD card - What ...

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