Faulty SD Card

By Ambrui ·
I have a faulty SD card taken from a Sony phone which has loads of pictures on it.
The phone no longer sees it and neither does the computer when I plug it via the phone or a USB card reader.
I have tried various trial software to read card but to no avail.

Can anyone recommend a course of action orsome software that is likely to work.

The problem at the moment is that the card does not appear as a
logical drive and hence the software can not interogate it. Any technical advice would be very much appreciated.

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The Card is damaged and is no longer working

by OH Smeg In reply to Faulty SD Card

Yea I know you already know that but while it is like that the Computer/Phone and so on can not see it so they can not do anything with it.

What you need to do here if the Data in Important is to take the card to a Data Recovery Company and pay them to recover the Data. It may or may not work and you will be out of pocket a lot of money no matter what happens.

If however you don't want to pay to recover this Data and you don't care if you loose it you can try connecting wires directly tot he Pickup Points of the Card not the edge connectors and see if you can read it now. That will of course involve destroying a Card Reader so that you can connect the other end to the computer to complete the connection. You'll also need to look at the actual CARD and check for any Physical Damage like cracks tot he card or any form of corrosion.

If there are cracks the tracks will be damaged and you'll need to try to rebuild them or connect before the break. Corrosion on the other hand means that the card is rubbish and there is no safe way to attempt a recovery.


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