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Favorite list?

By sw723 ·
HOw do you alphabetize the items in a folder in the favorites list?

How do you alphabetize the folders other than dragging which is a pain?

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by Lizzy In reply to Favorite list?

If your system is relatively recent, all you have to do is pull down the list and while the mouse is over the list that you want alphabetized, right click to open the context menu and choose "Sort By Name." You can do this for both folders and items in a folder, but you will need to do the same procedure on both. If this did not solve your problem, please post a comment with your OS and Browser version.

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by sw723 In reply to Favorite list?

This did not work, sorry.

I have windows 98 with IE 6.0

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by DamonPolich In reply to Favorite list?

It is a simple fix.

Click start
then run
type c:\windows\favorites\ (for \windows\ type what your windows system directory is if it isn't \windows)
click run
anywhere in the window right click
goto arrange icons
then click By Name

That should be it.

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by sw723 In reply to

I tried this but when I got back on internet, the Favorites List still was not alphabetized. The items in the folders or the folders themselves were not alphabetized. Can Anyone help?

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by TheChas In reply to Favorite list?

Lizzy has it right.
I know that this has worked for me numerous times.

From IE, click on favorites.
When the list opens up, select ANY item and right click on it.
Select Sort By Name.

You will have to individually sort each folder in your favorites list.

When you are done, close IE from File / Exit rather than using the "X" in the upper right corner.

There are a number of software packages that can help you manage your favorites.

Here is a link to one I found at

Remove any spaces from the pasted link.


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by sw723 In reply to

Sorry, this does not work for me. I have Windows 98 and Internet Explorer 6.0. You must have different o/s or I/E

Someone please help!

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by TheChas In reply to Favorite list?


Sort by Name has worked for me on all versions of Windows and IE (at least since 4.0)

I just spent some time sorting favorites on my W98 system. The sort worked, but there were a few exceptions.
Some of the folders did not stay in order with the other folders.

A couple of things to check:

Are their multiple Identities on this PC?
If so, there may be multiple lists that make up the Favorites.

Open Windows Explorer.
Browse to C:\Windows\Favorites
Are ALL of your Favorites there?

If not, you may need to find the missing shortcuts and move them to the folder.

While in the C:\Windows\Favorites folder,
select detail view and sort by name.

I just recalled a Microsoft Knowledge Base Article on how to repair the Favorites folder but, could not locate it.

There is a "special" configuration for the Favorites folder. If the folder type has been changed, that could explain your problem.

If I find the information, I will post it for you.


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by TheChas In reply to

Found a couple of things for you:

Start with this Microsoft Knowledge Base Article

Then, check out this IE support page:

On page 2 of IE tips, there is a link to problems with the Favorites folder.


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by sw723 In reply to

I am so sorry, none of this works. Can anyone help?

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by TheChas In reply to Favorite list?

I have to admit, I'm out of ideas.

At this point, I recommend that you close this question.

Open a new question that details what you have tried and your system configuration including your video card and the amount of RAM that you have.

Assign at least 500 points to the question to get more attention.


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