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favorite support calls

By y2ktoou ·
I'm a technical specialist with the fed govt and cover the Western Hemisphere (Canada,Central & South America and the Caribbean) and when not out on the road handle calls from Net Admins from every country who all have and use the same platform and it seems, despite having the Operations Manual never bother to go to it first. Instead, it's call RIMC and ask what to do rather than stick one's nose in the book and read what to do.
Funny thing, I'm not at all versed in how to use this prog at all but when there's a problem with it, I know what to do to get it fixed.

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Human nature

by stress junkie In reply to favorite support calls

I've been on both sides of this sort of thng myself. It seems to me that there are several factors contributing to this situation. First, the operations manual may be so poorly written that it is difficult to use. Second, people may have the expectation that the operations manual won't have the answer that they are seeking. Lastly, most people will consider whether to look for an answer in a book or to ask someone who knows and will choose the path of least effort. Usually that means asking someone.

If this is interferening with you doing your assigned work then start to mention to people that the answser that they are looking for is available elsewhere and that you need to get your own work done. This will hopefully inspire people to come to you after they have exhausted other options.

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