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    Favorite Tech Support Links?


    by shanghai sam


    I’m wondering what links you all use as references, aside from Tech Republic, of course 馃檪

    So, what are your favorite support links, Mac, PC, Unix, Software, etc.?



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      by epepke

      In reply to Favorite Tech Support Links?

      Probably not what you’re looking for, but is great. One would think it would be standard reading.

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        by mattvigus

        In reply to Web

        Could someone (epepke?) point me in the direction of a clarisworks forum or support site. Ive posted a question here but no response yet…


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          Sorry; don’t know

          by epepke

          In reply to Claris?

          And I’m one of the very few people on this board who actually uses ClarisWorks (and AppleWorks).

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          by mattvigus

          In reply to Sorry; don’t know

          Thanks anyway.


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      A Good Community

      by mydogownsme

      In reply to Favorite Tech Support Links?

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      Depends what I’m looking for

      by ebob

      In reply to Favorite Tech Support Links?

      Of course there are the standard vendor sites like Cisco Connection Online ( and the MS Knowledge Base ( I’ve also been spending a bit of time over at SUN ( looking into Solaris and Star Office.

      I also spend a fair bit of time at ( in the forums of interest to me, and at (

      Sometimes I need a definition of a term that I can include in documentation intended for “the suits”. TechEncyclopedia ( and Webopedia ( work for me.

      I am also keen on Security so check in with SANS ( and CERT ( from time to time.

      Finally, I need a break and head over to for Dilbert ( and Get Fuzzy ( or to Despair ( and set a new “Wallpaper of Gloom(tm)”.

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