Favorite utility for replicating PC data?

By robo_dev ·
I work a lot with security DVRs, and one question I get asked a lot is how to quickly and reliably replicate the video data in real-time to a second server on the same network.

Most of these systems create individual data files for each recording event, so the issue of copying an open file is not a problem. The amount of data is typically small, as only the incremental changes need to be copied.

These boxes are generally Windows XP OS, but I'm experimenting with Linux security DVRs at the moment as well.

I have not used NAS devices very much, and if they have this capability built-in, then I'm all ears.

I know I could create a VB script or scheduled batch file to just copy the data, use Windows backup function to copy the data over, but I assume there are better options.

It would be nice if it had some logging or alerts to show if the process is working or has stopped.

So the question is what is your favorite data duplication/syncronization application?

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Interesting question

by TobiF In reply to Favorite utility for repl ...

I don't know any good answer, but will eagerly follow this thread :)

Perhaps some raid redundancy over the network?

Or multicast? But then bets are off regarding file integrity.

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Years ago I used some programs for this...

by robo_dev In reply to Interesting question

But I'm sure there's some cool app to do this.

I will start poking around the net with google and see what I can find...and potentially will mark my own answer as helpful :)

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In the past I've seen this done with Synchronizing two or more systems

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Years ago I used some pro ...

That way as the video gets recorded it gets copied to the other servers/workstations that are synced. It's not quite Real Time but it is very close.

I hope that's of some use.


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Using the built-in capability of the OS?

by robo_dev In reply to In the past I've seen thi ...

that's too simple and obvious...I want something complex and difficult :)

I will try that, just the same.

The video data does not need to be done in real time. The idea is that if something important were recorded on video, and then the bad guy/elephant finds the DVR and steals/smashes it, you still have some video to post on YouTube and/or provide to the local authorities.

On one of my systems I got video of a gang who were scouting-out houses to do a home-invasion robbery, and then I got video of them making a u-turn after the robbery, in front of five police cars. While I did not get tag numbers, I got vehicle color/description which was useful for the police.

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thanks, I will check that out

by robo_dev In reply to Check out Robocopy
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The telecom way

by TobiF In reply to Favorite utility for repl ...

The following is the typical way you'd handle charge records etc.

The source will put the file in one location.

A script (most probably on a linux machine) will scan this location for new (closed) files ever n seconds.

As soon as a valid file is found, it is copied by the script (with or without verification - your call) to all needed locations.

Access technology: ftp, smb or something else depends on the circumstances.

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