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By adhi_n ·
My favorites folder accidently move to windows folder. How do I return to my default favorite folder? My old favoites forder still there (c:\Documents and Settings\Adhi\Favorites)including website address that I 've saved before. I 'm using Windows XP Profesional installed on my computer.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Favorites folder


Sounds like your Favorites folder has simply been copied to the Windows folder. If the original is still in C:\documents and settings... as you describe, then you should be able to simply delete the one that is in your Windows folder.

Before you do, make sure that the original contains all the folders and data that exist in the C:\Windows\favorites copy.

Good luck

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by Blackcurrant In reply to


You state:

"...worry if I delete the folder at Favorites by Organize Favorites menu, I will delete some folder at windows folder also."

As far as I am aware, the favorites folder (if you are using WinXP and Win2000), is located at C:\documents and settings\username\favorites

Are you using XP or 2000? If so, you can delete the favourites folder from C:\Windows. However, you can insure against accidental deletion by simply moving (not copying), the folder to another location. If you do not experience any problems after moving the folder, and you are sure that the copy that opens when you click the Favorites menu in My Computer is the one you want, then you can delete the 'moved' favorites folder.

Good luck

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by Etoile In reply to Favorites folder

Are your Favourites still showing when you run Internet Explorer? If they are, then I reckon Answer 1 sounds right on the ball.

Just make sure that there aren't any shortcuts in the c:\windows\fav's that don't still exist in c:\Documents and Settings\Adhi\Favorites. If there are, then copy them across.

If you have any doubts that the list in c:\Documents and Settings\Adhi\Favorites is the one being accessed by IE, visit a webpage, add a favourite, and then see if it appears in this path. If it does, then they are working properly, and you can safely delete the c:\windows\fav's.

Good luck

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