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Fax Machines????

By keithy_o ·
I need to make my computer my Fax machine, and i dont know where to start.

Can anyone help?

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by csmith In reply to Fax Machines????

This is no problem.
Almost all MODEMS over 28.8K are fully capable of sending or receiving Faxes.
During the heyday of Fax, (early, mid 90s) this was a very common usage for MODEMs.
The reason was that the junk faxes seriously ran up the paper costs.
With the junk Faxes written to the hard drive, they could be erased without wasting paper.
Now, the details.
You will need a MODEM.
If you have an older PC, (486,Pentium) you will have ISA slots.
IF you have an ISA slot free, you can use an old ISA MODEM. (Very cheap, think $5.)
The newer PCs will require a MODEM that uses a PCI slot. (Pentium 2, K6) (Still not very expensive.)
The PCI MODEM is probably what you need.
Most MODEMS come with Fax software, if not, Winfax Pro is a good one, and is $20 , on sale.
Set the MODEM up according to the instructions, and install the Fax software after Windows recognizes the MODEM.
(When you install the Fax software, it is a good idea to have the MODEM already connected to the phone line, which is used as the Fax line.)
That's it.
This is not a hard install.
Regards, Chris

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by Da_Bobcee In reply to Fax Machines????

Really simple...

First if you have instaled an Operating System say Windows 2000, XP, or NT (just to name a few) there is fax software available to setup. Next you need to make sure you have a modem for desktop faxing or if you are connected to a server check with to see if you can access it.

Rarely anyone with a reasonably new computer doesn't have a modem with fax capabilities.

Now for the setup...

1. First look on your desktop for the "MY COMPUTER" icon. Right on it and select "Properties" from the menu. Look to see if you have a modem installed in your computer.
If you don't stop here and buy/install one.
If you on a network, ask your IT folks about it and have the network modem available via a shared device.

2. Once you have determined you have a modem, go to your desktop, look to the tool bar and click "START", then select "CONTROL PANEL" and locate the fax program.

3. The reason is rather simple, just follow the instructions via the setup wizard.

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