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Fax/Modem says No Dial Tone

By tom.stratman ·
I can't get the modem on my XP Pro machine to dial out. Gives No Dial Tone message. I get a dial tone on the phone out port of the modem card. Dial software says the modem is on port COM3.

Device Manager: 'Ports (COM & LPT)' says I have COM1; 'Modems' says I have Lucent Win Modem on PCI Slot 1. Nowhere does Device Manager show a port COM3.

This modem card came with my original Win98 machine and has been moved to a new machine running XP Pro.

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by Matthew Yurksaitis In reply to Fax/Modem says No Dial To ...


It sounds like you most likely need to update your modem driver to a version which XP recognizes & Supports. Go to the Agere (spun off from Lucent semiconductor) Support page and see if you can find XP drivers for your modem version. Here is the page:

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by tom.stratman In reply to

Updated the driver but no change in the error message. Good info though. Thanks.

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by ctrservices In reply to Fax/Modem says No Dial To ...

Right-click My Computer--sslece Properties--Hardware tab--Device manager button--expand Modems--right-click to select your Modem--click Properties--click the Diagnostics tab--click the Query Modem button--scroll down in the Command/Response window--was the Response a "success"? If not, suspect a modem problem (perhaps it needs to be reseated into its slot).

If "success", click the Advanced tab--click the Advanced Port Settings button--make sure Port number is set to Com 3.

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by tom.stratman In reply to

Everything looks just like you said - But no change in the way it works. On a whim I uninstalled the driver for whatever was on COM1 and changed the port number on the modem to COM1. It seemed to dial but the tones didn't sound normal. Got a message "The dial server didn't answer." I dialed the server from another phone and it answered. Any other configuration tips or something I missed?

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by sumesh.adiyapurath In reply to Fax/Modem says No Dial To ...

if everything is ok , try these also

put 2 comas in front of phone number
if you have voice mail, get your messages first
disable wait for dial tone
switch the phone connected to the modem
switch the port the phone cord is connected to.

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by tom.stratman In reply to

I disabled 'wait for dial tone'. It blind dialed but then I received the message 'The server didn't answer.'

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Fax/Modem says No Dial To ...

the inability to take the phone 'off hook' is the most common failure mode of modems, imh experience. so if it passes 'diagnostics' as described in prev answer, i think you need to replace the modem...

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Fax/Modem says No Dial To ...


Another thing that maybe the cause of your problem is the modem driver. It may be for a different country than yours, that uses different information tones. Download a driver for your modem and your country.

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