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fax problem

By moondoggie53 ·
Using ANY fax program - Winfaxpro, the internal Windows fax - it works for the fist few times, then times out with errors. Which are NOT displayed in either of those 2 mentioned. This happens on different machines tunning 2K and XP: I am told others in this area experience the same problem because there are problems in the phone line, which makes sense. But I don't want to sweep in under the rug.
I have un/reinstalled the program(s), drivers, looked for more current versions of said drivers on the manufacturers site, slept on it: nothing.
I think there's enough evidence to suspect the phone line, but if anybody has similar experience - please gimme a yell.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to fax problem

I haven't used Win Fax Pro for quite a while now but I seem to remember that you could increase the time for Handshaking to be done so if you do have marginal Phone Lines you might like to try this to allow the terminal to actually complete the handshake so that it can transfer data across the line.

Just a quick test for FAX lines is to actually plug in a phone and listen to the line after you have picked up the handset if there is a lot of noise on the line your are virtually stuck with it. There was one case where the noise was so bad that you couldn't hear the dial tone over the background noise that I ran across I left that one for the Telco to fix as it was their problem.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to fax problem

that is weird it would work few times then quit. i suppose a phone line that wasn't noisy then got noisy could explain it but doesn't pass occams razor in my book. this sounds like hardware to me (the fax/modem card) i like hals idea of listening to the phone during this. listen when it works. listen when it doesnt. maybe it is not getting 'off hook' or maybe it is not going back 'on' hook and so you may hear dead line....
here is my 2 cents:
put the fax line on a dsl filter if you have dsl
try another fax card. an external us robotics would be sweet.
i think if you take this card to another pc you might see the problem.
did this used to work? what has changed lately?
what modem what errors

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